Planning To Visit Dubai? Must Check The Updated Travel Requirements For International Passengers


As you might know that Dubai has recently lifted the requirement of a Rapid PCR test at the airport conducted within 6 hours prior to departure to the Emirate for travelers from all countries. Earlier, the same was required for all passengers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Now the authorities have announced more relaxation for travelers, starting 26th Feb 2022, there will no requirement of any Pre-departure RT-PCR test for fully vaccinated travelers to Dubai.

However, if you are not fully vaccinated or partially vaccinated then you will be required to undergo an RT-PCR test within 48 hrs. prior to departure to Dubai.

Updated Travel Requirements For Dubai

After the announcement comes, in response to the relaxation of COVID-19 travel restrictions imposed by authorities, airlines carriers based in UAE have updated their travel requirements;

Emirates Boeing 777 300er Aircraft

Emirates, the largest airline and flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates-based Dubai said effective February 26, 2022, passengers traveling to Dubai from all countries (GCC included) must fulfill one of the below requirements:

  • Present a valid vaccination certificate(s) reflecting that the passenger is fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the WHO or the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and includes a QR code system; or
  • Present a valid negative Covid 19 test certificate that should be based on a molecular diagnostic test intended for the qualitative detection of nucleic acid for SARS COV 2 viral RNA, that is issued within 48 hours from the time of sample collection and issued by an approved health service provider, with a QR code system; or
  • Present a valid medical certificate issued by the relevant authorities that the passenger has recovered from Coronavirus SARS Cov 19 within a period of one month from the date of recovery to the date of arrival, with a QR code system
  • If requested, passengers must undergo a PCR test on arrival in Dubai and self quarantine until they receive a negative result. In the event the passenger tests positive, then they should follow the guidelines issued by the relevant Health Authority in the Emirate of Dubai.

For Passengers Transiting Via Dubai

  • All transiting passengers are not required to present a Covid-19 PCR test certificate unless it is mandated by their final destination.

RT-PCR Test Exemptions

The following categories of passengers are exempted from PCR Test requirements:

Traveling From India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka effective 26th Feb 2022;

Test Requirement72 Hours PCR48 Hours PCR05 Hours PCRPCR On ArrivalFinal Destination
Destination DXBNot RequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredRequiredNot Required
Transiting DXBNot RequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredRequired
  • UAE nationals are exempt from taking a COVID-19 PCR test before departing for Dubai. They must be tested on arrival in Dubai, irrespective if they are holding a valid negative COVID-19 RT-PCR certificate from the point of origin.
  • This is also applicable for passengers accompanying a 1st degree UAE nationals’ relative or domestic worker escorting a UAE national sponsor during travel.
  • Children under the age of 12 and passengers who have a moderate or severe disability are exempt from taking a COVID-19 RT-PCR test.


Beginning 26th February 2022, all travelers From India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka to Dubai will no longer be required to undergo any pre-departure RT-PCR test prior to boarding a flight. However, to avail this exemption they must be fully vaccinated with any Covid-19 vaccine approved by the UAE Govt.


Such passengers will only only have to undergo a free on-arrival RT-PCR test at Dubai International Airport.

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