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Located on the shores of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai and the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates. Not only is it a popular tourist attraction but it is named the shopping capital of the Middle East with over 70 shopping malls, including the largest in the world.

Besides shopping, outdoor activities are popular with an average temperature of 82 degrees. But you cannot pass up the food. The most unique being the stuffed camel, which is in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest food you can eat. Leave your shopping bags and backpacks at a Dubai suitcase storage site and go eat.

Breakfast Spots


Looking for some eggs in a variety of ways? From Lobster Benedict to the Waffle Bacon Benedict, Eggspectation has 11 types of eggs benedict. Or try one of their specialties like fried chicken and waffles or a Mykonos omelet with feta and olives. If you want something sweet, try the French toast, crepes, or pancakes. 


Krispy Kreme

You just cannot beat Krispy Kreme no matter where you are and they have several of them in Dubai. Each one has about 48 different flavors. From the apple fritter to the cake batter and they even have Oreo Cookies and Kreme. The cinnamon apple filled, NY cheesecake, and dulce de leche are also popular. 


Bystro is a breakfast fave for many of the locals so it must be good. They have a delicious variety of egg dishes like poached eggs with potatoes, fried eggs on toast and mushrooms, and steak & eggs. They also have a nice selection of puff pastries, puddings, and porridge. Be sure to try their superior coffee too.

Lunch on the Go


Wokyo is the perfect place to grab some noodles, stir fry, and even soft-serve ice cream. The main dish is soup though. You choose from five kinds of noodles or two rice, choose the sauce, add a protein like beef or chicken, and then add other things like egg, broccoli, or peanuts. 



One of the most popular food trucks in the country, Salt has won numerous awards for its sliders and fries. And their chicken strips are unbelievable too. You can get a box of sliders and fries on the beach and then go back for drinks. Don’t miss their watermelon Softee ice cream with real watermelon slices. 

Last Exit 

If your family all wants something different, try Last Exit where they have 10 food trucks to choose from. You can find Urban Seafood, Cupagahwa, and Burger Pit to name a few. They even have KFC, Hardees, and Starbucks. And it’s not just food. They also have a playground, prayer rooms, and a huge seating area.

Dining in Style

The Wavehouse

The Wavehouse is more than just a restaurant. They boast a bowling alley, wave pool, a game room, and live music. And the food is heavenly. From fun rainbow sliders to mouthwatering juicy steaks, they have a bit of everything. And a fantastic kids’ menu too. Don’t miss the ice cream with a variety of toppings.


Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant

Found on the 25th floor of the Hyatt, enjoy the 360-degree view of the beautiful city from all angles. You will also enjoy the delectable meal with the main course of prime rib and several buffets and bars like the sushi bar, wok, hot buffet, seafood, and dessert. Then you can enjoy ice cream, cake, or fruit for dessert.

Asil Restaurant

For a combination of Moroccan, Lebanese, Turkish, and Arabesque, try Asil. Try the Asil Grill Platter with lamb chops, beef shashlik, lamb shish, and Adana kebab or the Seafood Platter with grilled prawns, fried red mullet, and grilled sea bass. Or go all out for the lobster thermidor with cream and mushrooms.

Cheap Eats

Fish Hut

Fish Hut has delectable seafood for amazingly low prices. Try the grilled tiger prawns, crab, lobster, or salmon with the chef’s special seasoning. And the grilled squid is cut into rings and served like onion rings. And you get to choose your fish fresh before it is cooked so you know what you are getting. 



If you have never tried vada paos, it’s a deep-fried potato dumpling in a bun. And O’Pao has the best variety in the city. Choose from 21 vegan pao like cheesy overload and the Manchurian. For meat-eaters, try the chicken, prawn, or mutton paos. Sides include cheesy poppers, kurkuri bhindi, Kanda bhaji, and more.


You can get authentic Arabic food on a budget at Zaroob. They have several kinds of falafel, five flavors of fatteh, nine kinds of manakeesh, five flavors of fateer, nine different sandwiches, and they even have burgers and fries. Their potato kibbeh is exquisite and the roasted chicken mousakhan cannot be beat.

Desserts in the Desert


Pop rocks, zoodles, Jelly Belly, cotton candy flowers, handmade lollipops, and so much more you will never want to leave. Candylicious is the world’s largest candy store at the world’s largest mall, the Dubai Mall. Over 5,500 kinds of candy to choose from. And chocolate lovers will find themselves in chocolate heaven


What is Kulfi? It is Indian ice cream and you have never tasted ice cream like this! Creamier and thicker than regular ice cream and unique with a wide variety of flavors, this is the perfect way to beat the heat. Try cashew, fig, saffron, rose, or more in a kulfi stick, cubes, or a glass of thick and delicious Indian delight. 


The Choco Monarch 

Ever had a chocolate and caramel-covered waffle with ice cream and whipped topping? Well, you need to get to The Choco Monarch. How about a banana wrapped in a crepe and coated with three kinds of chocolate? They even have a crepe filled with crispy rice and ice cream with chocolate syrup. 

You will have to spend quite a long time in Dubai to visit all of these places, but it will be worth it. And there are plenty more not on this list that are worth a mention too. Mezza Luna makes amazing ricotta, Kiza is fantastic for African fare, and BLVD on One is an amazing European eatery.

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