Dubai: New Guidelines For Tourists, No Entry Without Confirmed Return Tickets


The government of Dubai, in the latest guidelines for tourists, announced that confirmed return tickets must for visit and tourist visa holders to enter the UAE.

This new rule is being strictly enforced and due to this sudden update, hundreds of tourists were left stranded at Dubai international airport last week for not having confirmed return tickets.

As per a circular was issued on October 15, “Passengers with a visit and tourist visas arriving (in) Dubai without a return ticket will be not be permitted entry, and it is the sole responsibility of the airline to arrange and cover the cost of a ticket/ flight to return their passenger to the country of origin.”

According to the circular, the airport authorities of Dubai has asked the airlines to repatriate tourists arriving in the United Aarab Emirates without a confirmed return ticket.


After this new circular India’s national carrier Air India and IndiGo have issued notices to passengers and travel agents stating the rules.

“We have been informed by the authority concerned in Dubai that passengers with visit and tourism visas arriving in the emirate without a return ticket will not be permitted entry,” read an official circular issued by Air India.

“It is a must for all passengers traveling from India to Dubai on a visit or tourist visa to hold a valid return ticket.

“In absence of the same, we would be constrained to offload the passenger at the check-in point or boarding point in India or refuse entry in Dubai by deporting the passenger at their own cost and expense,” added the circular.  


Indigo airline also warned passengers that those traveling without a valid return ticket will be denied entry into Dubai.

“They shall be deported at their own cost and expenses,” said the circular from Indigo.

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