Dubai Imposes New Restrictions Amid Growing Covid-19 Cases


Amid the growing Covid-19 cases, Dubai imposed new restrictions to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus infection.

Dubai had reported record-breaking new Covid-19 cases in recent weeks.

The city has been facing criticism globally for reopening businesses and easing curfews in order to attract tourists during the peak year-end holiday season.
But UAE authorities blame Covid protocol violations for the sudden rise in cases.

Hence, to curb the spread of the coronavirus, Dubai has imposed several new Covid-19 restrictions.


New Covid-19 Restrictions Imposed By Dubai

  1. Dubai has shut down pubs and bars to stop the gathering.
  1. The kingdom has also cracked down on private parties.
  1. According to Dubai Govt., all incoming passengers will have to go under PCR testing.
  1. All shopping malls in the emirate will now be operated at a reduced capacity of 70 per cent.
  1. Also, restaurants and cafes will have to close by 1 AM.
  1. Both international tourists and UAE residents alike will have to provide a negative RT-PCR test report before travel.
  1. Only close relatives will be permitted to attend weddings or private parties, the maximum number of guests for which has been capped at ten.  

Furthermore, Dubai was one of the first destinations to welcome tourists during the early months of the pandemic, when it opened its borders in July, last year.

However, just last month, with over 4,000 new cases being recorded daily, the UAE saw its caseload soar to over 290,000, increasing the strain on hospitals across the country.

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