Domestic Airfares To Be Capped, Aviation Ministry Issues Instructions


Ministry of Civil Aviation on Thursday (21 May) issues general instructions for domestic travelers which are to be followed from 25 May when domestic civil air travel resumes in a calibrated manner.

The airlines have been asked to strictly adhere to the lower and upper limits set by the ministry before prescribing airfares.

As per the instruction around 30 percent of the air traffic would be allowed to resume from 25 May 2020.

Passengers only with confirmed web check-in will be allowed to enter the airport and they will be required to wear protective gear (face mask).


Entering The Airport

  • The flyers would have to carry out web check-in prior to entering the airport and also need to show their Aarogya Setu app status or a self-declaration. Passengers with a red status on the app will not be allowed to board the flight.
  • In case someone does not have the app on their phone, they will be directed to a kiosk for downloading it.
  • All passengers will also be required to wear a face mask and go through a temperature screening process.
  • The use of baggage trolleys will be minimized and flyers will be allowed to carry only one check-in bag and the check-in formality needs to be completed 60 minutes prior to the departure time.

On-Board The Flight

  • No meal services will be provided by the airlines on-board the flight and passengers too will not be allowed to eat while being inside the aircraft. A water bottle will be provided onboard the flight. Additionally no sale of merchandise or goods would be permitted onboard. Magazines and newspapers too will be removed.
  • The flyers need to avoid the unnecessary use of lavatories or movement along the aisle and no queuing will be allowed.

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