Direct Flights Between India And Madagascar May Start Soon! Visa On Arrival For Indian Travellers


On Thursday, May 5, Indian Ambassador Abhay Kumar met with M Rolland Ranjatoelina, Madagascar’s Minister of Transport and Meteorology, to discuss the prospect of starting a direct flight between Mumbai and Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar.

Madagascar, the East African country formerly known as the Malagasy Republic, is a biodiversity hotspot with flora and fauna found nowhere else on the planet.

Ambassador Abhay Kumar in a tweet said;

“Ambassador Abhay Kumar met M Rolland Ranjatoelina, Hon’ble Minister of Transport and #Meteorology of Madagascar today. They discussed the possibility of starting a direct flight between #Mumbai and #Antananarivo.”


Due to the lack of direct flights between India and Madagascar, the island country remains unexplored by Indian tourists. Madagascar is only six hours distant in the Indian Ocean, close to Mauritius.

Visa on Arrival For Indians

Indian travellers can obtain visas upon arrival in Madagascar, and there are countless locations to visit throughout the country, including Baobab Alley, dancing lemurs, singing whales, and stunning beaches. Madagascar is a traveller’s paradise.


It is well-known for its dark night skies, which are ideal for Astro-tourism. In Madagascar, you can see all of the prominent constellations visible from the Southern Hemisphere.


A direct flight between India and Madagascar would enable the people of Madagascar to access world-class medical, educational, and financial facilities in India, as well as encourage tourism between the two countries.

Madagascar’s fourth major trading partner in India. A direct flight between the two countries can boost trade and commerce as well as people-to-people contact. Madagascar has a sizable Indian community with ancestors from Gujarat.

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