DGCA Suspends SpiceJet’s Head of Operations For Three Months


The aviation watchdog of India, DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) has suspended the low-cost carrier SpiceJet’s Head of Operations, Gurcharan Arora, and two others for a period of three months.

This comes after when DGCA ordered a special audit Flight Operation Quality Assurance (FOQA) of Indian airlines in August. DGCA starts its audit with flag carrier Air India and no-frills carrier SpiceJet to ensure that the weak finances of airlines don’t have any safety implications on their operations.

A SpiceJet spokesperson said that the suspension of Head of Operation, Gurcharan Arora was not related to the safety audit. However, he didn’t reveal the reasons for the suspension.

“There were some minor observations made by the regulator following an audit which are being addressed by the airline. We continue to work closely with the DGCA towards this objective,” Said SpiceJet’s Spokesperson.


“At SpiceJet, the safety of our passengers, crew, and aircraft is our topmost priority and we have taken multiple steps and implemented the best practices to ensure safe and secure flight operations,” the spokesperson added without revealing the details on the reasons for the suspension of the airline’s chief of flight operations.

Meanwhile, when Mint contacted a senior DGCA official said that the agency has shared the findings related to the safety audit and asked the airline to set things right.

Earlier the DGCA has also suspended AirAsia India Head of Operations, Air Safety Head over safety violations

(With Inputs From Mint)


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