DGCA Issues New Covid Norms; Face Mask Mandatory At Airports, On Flight


In light of the increased number of coronavirus cases in the country, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued new instructions on Wednesday, stating that passengers who do not wear masks at airports or on flights may be treated as ‘unruly.’

This comes after the Delhi High Court issued an order directing the aviation regulator to enforce mask rules more strictly at airports and on flights; the HC decision also stated that violators might be placed on a ‘no-fly list.’


“In line with Delhi HC order, aviation regulator DGCA issues new Covid norms for airports, aircraft making masks mandatory throughout the journey, and permits mask removal only under exceptional circumstances. Violators may be treated as ‘unruly passengers’.”

DGCA Issues New Covid Norms

The DGCA in its latest guidelines said, “The airlines shall ensure that all passengers are wearing face masks properly and continue to wear the mask throughout the journey. The face masks can be removed under exceptional circumstances and for permitted reasons only.”

The DGCA also said in the order that passengers who are found without a face mask and not following COVID-appropriate behaviour would be removed from the aircraft before departure.

According to the DGCA, CISF officers would be in charge of implementing mask restrictions at airports. However, the DGCA only allowed mask removal in exceptional circumstances.

“In case, any passenger on board an aircraft refuses to wear a mask or violates the ‘Covid Protocol for passengers’ even after repeated warnings, during the course of the flight, such passenger may be treated as ‘Unruly Passenger’,” the DGCA stated in its new guidelines released in response to the Delhi High Court’s June 3 judgement.


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