Delhi Airport’s T2 Goes Paperless With DigiYatra from April


Passengers travelling from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport’s Terminal 2 (T2) will be able to use the Digi Yatra system beginning in April 2023, according to officials aware of the development.

By digitizing the passenger’s journey, this system aims to streamline the check-in process and eliminate the need for physical documentation.

What is DigiYatra?

The Indian government launched the Digi Yatra initiative in 2018 as part of the Digital India campaign. The program aims to provide domestic air passengers in India with a paperless travel experience.

The DigiYatra system verifies passengers’ identities using biometric technology such as facial recognition, eliminating the need for physical documents such as tickets, boarding passes, or identity proofs.

DigiYatra Step-by-Step Guide

DigiYatra At Terminal 2 of Delhi Airport

According to a Ministry of Civil Aviation, official, detailed surveys are being conducted in order to expand the Digi Yatra facility to Delhi’s T2, which currently handles 49,000 passengers per day.

Before the Digi Yatra facility is installed at T2, detailed surveys must be conducted, and communication between the airport operator and the ministry must be finalised.

The official stated, “While the process of installation of Digi Yatra at T2 has caught speed, we expect the facility to be available for passengers by April.”

Once the facility is installed, passengers will be able to use the Digi Yatra app to check in, drop off luggage, and clear security checkpoints using facial recognition technology.


DigiYatra At Four More Airports

DigiYatra, India’s contactless and paperless check-in and boarding process, will soon be available at four more airports, according to the Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation. Kolkata, Pune, Vijayawada, and Varanasi are among the additional airports.

These airports are expected to implement the biometric boarding system under phase 1 by March 2023, providing passengers with a more convenient and contactless travel experience.

It’s worth noting that the first phase of DigiYatra began in December 2022 at airports in Delhi, Bengaluru, and Varanasi. The expansion of this service to more airports represents a significant step forward in India’s air travel industry’s digital transformation.

Implementing DigiYatra at more airports will not only improve the passenger experience. Still, it will also help the government promote contactless services and social distancing in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.


How DigiYatra Works?

Through biometric boarding, DigiYatra is revolutionising the way passengers board their flights, providing a seamless and efficient experience. The app enrollment process is quick and simple, requiring only a few simple steps. We have covered a detailed article on how to enrol on the DigiYatra step by step.

In conclusion, the Digi Yatra system is a significant step towards a more convenient and contactless air travel experience in India.

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