Delhi Airport Starts Trials of Full-Body Scanner At Terminal 2


Indra Gandhi International Airport in Delhi has begun testing the full-body scanner at Terminal 2 in accordance with the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security’s (BCAS) directive.

The newly deployed full-body scanner can detect objects without touching persons or infringing on their privacy.

In contrast to standard door frame metal detectors [DMFD], full-body scanners may detect non-metal objects that are difficult to detect.

The Millimeter-Wave scanner deployed at Delhi Airport was found to be accurate and had medical clearances addressing health risks. It also addressed privacy concerns to the fullest extent possible.


“Delhi Airport adds a vital security measure with real-time trials of a full-body scanner at Terminal 2. With the inclusion of this measure, it will be easy to detect non-metal objects, which are usually hard to detect. Enjoy strengthened security at #DelhiAirport.” Delhi Airport Twitted

Full-body scanner at Terminal 2

The full-body scanners may detect anything underneath passengers’ clothing, minimizing the number of random pat-downs and strip searches. This keeps employees out of uncomfortable situations and expedites security inspections.

The Delhi Airport has installed a full-body scanner at the security checkpoint for testing purposes. The trials would be conducted in real-time, so travellers would have to go through them before moving to the security hold area.

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