Delhi Airport Launched Beta Version of DigiYatra App For Quick Check-In At Terminal 3


Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) launched a beta version of the “DigiYatra” app for the Android platform on Monday to enable quick and seamless check-in at Delhi Airport’s Terminal 3.

Based on Facial Recognition technology, the DigiYatra apps provide a Biometric Enabled Seamless Travel experience. According to DIAL, it aims to provide passengers with a paperless and seamless travel experience.

The DigiYatra app’s beta version is currently available on the Google Play store for the Android platform. In a few weeks, the same app will be available on Apple’s App Store for the iOS platform as well.

Domestic passengers flying from Terminal 3 on any airline can download the app and register before experiencing the airport’s seamless travel experience.


DigiYatra App

The ‘DigiYatra’ is a Facial Recognition Technology-based Biometric Enabled Seamless Travel Experience (BEST). It aims to provide passengers with a paperless and seamless travel experience.

Passengers’ entries would be automatically processed using this technology at all checkpoints, including airport entry, security check areas, and aircraft boarding, among others.

The technology will make boarding much faster and more seamless, as each passenger will need less than 3 seconds at each touchpoint. Their face would serve as their identification, vaccination proof, and boarding pass.


It will also improve airport security because the passenger data is validated with the Airlines Departure Control System, allowing only designated passengers to enter the terminal. The entire process is non-intrusive and automatic, resulting in staff optimization for stakeholders such as CISF, airlines, and others.

Videh Kumar Jaipuriar, CEO of Delhi Airport Said;

“DigiYatra is a unique initiative of the Government of India, coordinated by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. It is in line with the Prime Minister’s vision to transform the nation into a digitally empowered society. Delhi Airport is among the first few airports in the country which are ready with the facial recognition system. The system is going to give a seamless experience to passengers.”

“The FRS will save passengers from the process of identity checks at multiple points and encourage them to travel paperless and also enhance safety at the airport.”

Full-Body Scanner At Terminal 2

In accordance with the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security’s (BCAS) directive, the Delhi Airport has recently begun a trial of the full-body scanner at Terminal 2. The newly deployed full-body scanner detects objects without touching or invading people’s privacy.


Full-body scanners, as opposed to standard door frame metal detectors [DMFD], may detect non-metal objects that are difficult to detect.

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