Delhi Airport Introduces India’s First Self-Service Bag Drop Quick Drop Solution

Delhi Airport has introduced the Self-Service Bag Drop Quick Drop Solution, becoming the first in India and the second worldwide to implement this technology. With 50 SSBD units now operational, the new system reduces baggage drop time to just 30 seconds, streamlining the check-in experience for passengers.

Travellers flying out of Delhi Airport are set for a smoother and faster experience thanks to a revolutionary new technology: the Self-Service Bag Drop (SSBD) Quick Drop Solution.

This innovative system makes Delhi the first airport in India and the second in the world, after Toronto, Canada, to offer this time-saving service.

50 Self-Service Kiosks for Baggage Drop

Across Terminals 1 and 3, passengers can now utilize 50 SSBD units to expedite their check-in process. This initiative by Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) aims to significantly reduce wait times, allowing travellers to breeze through baggage drop and focus on enjoying their trip.

Print Boarding Passes and Tags at Kiosks

The traditional SSBD system allows passengers to bypass check-in counters altogether. Simply print your boarding pass and baggage tags at the conveniently located Common Use Self-Service (CUSS) kiosks. Then, head to the SSBD unit and scan your boarding pass or use the biometric camera for quick identification. This process typically takes around a minute.


Self-Service Baggage Drop in 4 Steps

  1. Print: Grab your boarding pass and bag tags from a kiosk (if you haven’t checked in online).
  2. Attach: Securely fasten the bag tags to your checked luggage.
  3. Scan: Use the kiosk scanner to read your boarding pass or bag tag (depending on the system).
  4. Drop & Go: Place your bag on the conveyor belt and head to security.

Introducing the Speedy Quick Drop Solution

DIAL takes efficiency a step further with the groundbreaking Quick Drop Solution. This innovative feature eliminates the need for scanning boarding passes or undergoing biometric verification

With all the necessary information embedded within the baggage tag, you can simply place your luggage on the conveyor belt at the SSBD unit. This streamlined process cuts down the processing time to a mere 30 seconds, ensuring an incredibly swift check-in experience.

DIAL CEO Highlights Passenger Benefits

Videh Kumar Jaipuriar, CEO of DIAL, expressed his excitement about the new service: “We are delighted to introduce the Self-Service Bag Drop Quick Drop Solution at Delhi Airport. This cutting-edge technology sets a new standard for passenger convenience and efficiency in India. By leveraging advanced technology, we aim to create a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.”


“The Quick Drop Solution not only expedites baggage drop but also ensures a smoother journey for our passengers. We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation and look forward to continually introducing advancements that benefit travellers.”

Currently Available for Selected Airlines

At present, the Quick Drop Solution is available for passengers flying with Air India, IndiGo, and Air India Express. Be sure to check with your airline to confirm their participation in this program before your next trip.

This revolutionary technology promises to transform the check-in experience at Delhi Airport, saving travellers valuable time and reducing overall stress. So, the next time you’re flying out of Delhi, be sure to take advantage of the Quick Drop Solution for a faster and more convenient journey!

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