Covid-19 New Strain: Kuwait Suspends All International Flights Till January 1


After Saudi Arabia and Oman, Kuwait has become the third GCC state to close its borders and suspend all international flights due to the new strain of coronavirus (Covid-19).

“Suspending commercial flights from and to Kuwait International Airport and closing the land and sea border crossings from 11:00 pm today, December 21, 2020, until Friday, January 1, 2021, #CGCKuwait” the government communications office said in a Twitter post.

Kuwait takes this decision after Saudi Arabia and Oman took similar measures following the outbreak of a new strain of Covid-19.


Saudi Arabia and Oman closed all borders and suspended all international flights all for one week, with the possibility of extending the suspension by an additional week.

The measures come after the UK government warned that the new virus strain is “out of control”.

Several European countries including France and Germany as well as others such as Turkey and Canada have suspended travel to and from the UK.

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