Covid-19 Impact: Thailand Bans Onboard Food And Drinks On Domestic Flights


To stop the tide of the coronavirus, Thailand has banned onboard food, drink on domestic flights.

All the airlines will have to follow the regulations or could face a possible penalty from the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand.

Thailand has taken this move the second time. Previously, it has banned food and drink in-flight on April 26, 2020, but than ban was lifted on August 31.

However, if an emergency, cabin crew can provide drinking water for the passenger in an isolated area.


The Thai government has also banned on-board printed matter such as newspapers, magazines or advertising brochures, with the exception of documents or materials related to safety.

With this, The Thai government has increased the level of public health action to stabilize the public health emergency and prevent it from escalating. The airlines must follow the new regulations, otherwise, they may be penalized by the CAAT supervisory authority.

For further information, please check CAAT’s website here.

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