Coronavirus Cases In Japan Hit Record Amid Holiday Travel


The Health Ministry of Japan on Sunday said that the daily tally of confirmed coronavirus cases in Japan hit a record for the fourth straight day at 2,508.

Japan has had fewer than 2,000 coronavirus-related deaths so far, avoiding the toll of harder hit nations. But fears are growing about another surge.

A flurry of criticism from opposition legislators and the public have slammed the government for being too slow in halting its “GoTo” tourism campaign, which encouraged travel and dining out with discounts.

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga on Saturday scrapped the campaign, but only after many people had already made travel reservations for a three-day Thanksgiving weekend in Japan.


Airports and restaurants have been packed.

Some say the government should have offered to pay for cancellations or stepped up PCR testing instead if the goal is to keep the economy going amid the pandemic.

Tutorials are circulating online on the proper way to eat and drink at restaurants while wearing masks.

(Source: PTI)


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