Convenience in the Skies: Comparing Flight Options from Pune and Lucknow to Mumbai

Mumbai, India's financial pulse and commercial capital, is the second-busiest airport in the country, following Delhi. The Delhi-Mumbai route is the most frequent and profitable domestic flight path, reflecting India's position as the third-largest global aviation market.

Mumbai, India’s financial pulse and commercial capital, is the most sought-after destination for air travel and earns the laurel of being the second-busiest Indian airport after Delhi. The Delhi-Mumbai air route is the most frequent domestic flight path and a highly profitable airline route.

However, India earns the third slot in the global aviation market, witnessing a steep rise in routes and air travellers on these carriers. Flights from Lucknow and Pune to Mumbai are among the other Mumbai air routes carrying constant air traffic.

Flight Options from Lucknow to Mumbai

Presently, you can cover an aerial distance of 1190 km on the Lucknow to Mumbai flight within two hours and ten minutes. Each day, 27  flights take off, connecting Lucknow and Mumbai.

Out of 27, 6 comprise direct flights, and the rest 21 are connecting flights. Connecting flights normally add an extra one to two hours to your travel duration but also offers greater flexibility and lower rates based on your particular routing.


The last flight on the Lucknow – Mumbai route is around 21:40. The travel fares begin at ₹5118, and the price differs based on the class you select, as business class tickets are comparatively pricier than economy class tickets.

Flight Options from Pune to Mumbai

Adjustable flight timings, economical fares, and a large influx of flights constitute the core reasons for fliers to opt for airlines as their desired travel option. Pune to Mumbai flight schedules are tailored to comply with the needs of both business and leisure travellers. The Mumbai-Pune flight route comprises the most visited flight routes.

The aerial distance covered between Pune and Mumbai is nearly 118 km. You can easily check multiple Mumbai flight schedules with a few clicks online. Several budget and premium airline flights soar on this route. Nearly 11 flights are presently being run from Mumbai to Pune, including inexpensive flights and some of the most chosen airlines by all segments of people.

If you are flying in from Pune to Mumbai, you have nearly 11 flights operating daily. Out of these, one is a direct flight, while the remaining ten are linking flights on this route.


Some major airlines on this route include Air India, Akasa Air, IndiGo, Vistara, and Air India Express. Air India and Vistara conduct two flights daily on the Pune to Mumbai route, whereas IndiGo takes off once.

To grab tickets from Pune to Mumbai at cheap rates, you should reserve them as soon as possible. On an online flight booking platform, you can avail of exciting deals and rebates on flight bookings. You can quickly locate cheap flights and choose from their checklist of flight options along with fares. Access the “price” filter below to view the list of the cheapest flights. Platforms regularly show the rebate deals that are available on flights. Use the coupon codes and select the best coupon from the catalogue to clinch a direct discount on your tickets. This platform contains a robust search engine and a user-compatible interface offering diverse flight information, arrival and departure status, and a timetable for regular updates.

Pune to Mumbai air travel will cost around ₹3423 and extend to ₹13372. The cost hinges upon several factors, such as airline, time, departure date, and cabin. The fastest flights on the direct Pune-Mumbai route are available for purchase. Many flights take off daily from Pune to Mumbai, including a direct flight and a layover. A secure way to embark on one of the Pune to Mumbai flights is to board from the nearby airport.

Enjoy your Mumbai journey by choosing from numerous airlines that transit daily between Pune and Lucknow and exploring the ideal option that compliments your schedule, travel requirements, and departure timings.



So here it is folks! You have every little detail listed out so that the amazing folks of Pune and Lucknow now just have a few clicks for flight bookings online holding them back from enjoying the true splendour of Mumbai. Mark your calendars for an amazing trip to the city of dreams right away!

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