China To Suspend International Flights If Multiple Passengers Test Positive For Covid-19


China on Wednesday announced that it will suspend international flights if they found five or more people on board test positive for the coronavirus when they land.

The CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) in a statement said that the new rules dictate that if five or more people on board a flight test positive for COVID-19 after arriving in China, the airline company will be banned from flying that route for two weeks.

If 5 to 9 arriving passengers flying the same flight and same route operated by an airline are found positive in their nucleic acid tests after arrival, the airline’s operation on that specific route shall be suspended for 2 weeks;

if 10 or over 10 passengers test positive after arrival, the airline’s operation on the route shall be suspended for 4 weeks.

No adjustment is allowed to be made to the quota of the flight involved in a “circuit breaker” to transfer it to other routes. After the end of the “circuit breaker” period, the airline could resume its one weekly flight schedule.

The new rules take immediate effect and show an increase in restrictions in China. Previously, airlines were given a one-week suspension if at least five people tested positive for COVID-19.


Officials on Tuesday issued one-week suspensions to routes on Ethiopian Airlines, the Russian airline Pegas Fly and Swiss International Air Lines, CNN reported.

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