China To Suspend Etihad Airways, Srilankan Airlines Shanghai Route


China’s civil aviation regulator has announced that an Etihad Airways flight to Abu Dhabi-Shanghai, a China Eastern Airlines flight to Manila-Shanghai and a SriLankan Airlines flight to Colombo to Shanghai will be suspended after several passengers test positive for COVID- 19 last flights were tested.

Six passengers tested positive on August 3 on an EY862 flight operated by Etihad Airways, while there were six positive cases on August 5 on a China Eastern Airlines MU212 flight and 23 positive cases on a SriLankan Airlines UL866 flight on August gave 7, according to a statement posted on the website of the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) on Wednesday.

The decision was made on Tuesday.

The suspension of Etihad Airways and China Eastern Airlines flights will last a week from August 17, while SriLankan Airlines flights will be suspended for four weeks.


To further contain the spread of COVID-19, a reward and suspension mechanism was introduced by the CAAC on June 4th.

According to the CAAC guideline, the operating airline can increase its number of flights to two per week if all arriving passengers of an airline test negative for the novel coronavirus three weeks in a row.

When the number of passengers who tested positive reaches five, the airline’s flights will be suspended for a week. The suspension lasts four weeks when the number of passengers who tested positive reaches 10.

The CAAC also said the airlines will not be allowed to transfer the original EY862, MU212 and UL866 quota to other routes.


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