Looking for a Job Abroad? Canada’s IRCC Offers Job Openings in Its Foreign Service Division

The positions are rotational in nature and require officers to change their assignments every 2-4 years at the department's discretion. Candidates require complex legislation knowledge, leadership competencies, and bilingualism, among other skills.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) department recently announced job openings in its foreign service division, with annual salaries ranging from Rs 43,47,135 ($72,292) to Rs 55,00,486 ($91,472).

According to the most recent listing on the Government of Canada website, the positions will be rotational, with employees posted in countries such as India, China, the Philippines, and Turkey, among others.

Rotational Nature of the Job

The positions are rotational in nature, requiring officers to change assignments every 2-4 years at the discretion of the department. The chosen candidates will be required to take part in activities such as application processing, risk assessment, engagement, and migration diplomacy.

Application Procedure

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until the closing date, according to the listing. While the inventory is active, candidates will be selected at random.


Candidates for the position are expected to have in-depth knowledge of complex legislation, as well as the skills and leadership competencies required to represent Canada globally.

Required Skills and Competencies

Candidates must have judgment/analytical thinking, self-awareness, cooperation and collaboration, cross-cultural sensitivity, adaptability and flexibility, dependability, values and ethics, and effective interactive communication skills (oral and written).

Bilingualism, or fluency in both English and French, is also required. Language training will be required if the individual is not bilingual.

Other requirements for this position include the candidate’s experience working/studying abroad, volunteering in a diverse environment, proficiency in a foreign language relevant to the IRCC mandate, writing detailed reports, public speaking, and knowledge of how to use social media in a professional setting, among others.


Application Process

Interested and qualified candidates should apply on the Government of Canada’s website. Because this is an inventory listing, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the closing date.

Candidates who are shortlisted and accept the offer will represent Canada in the foreign service division around the world, contributing to the country’s ongoing efforts in international diplomacy and migration.

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