Canada Visa Processing Time Increased, Embassy Says It Is Making Every Effort to Reduce Wait Times


You may be aware that Indians currently have the visa longest ever visa waiting time due to delays in visa processing for the majority of countries. However, the Visa Processing Time for Canada has reached a new high of nearly 6 months.

Canada Visa Processing Time

When we checked the most recent visa processing time for Canada Temporary Resident Visa, our team found that the processing time has now increased to 158 days, up from 12-15 weeks previously.

Not only that, but this lengthy processing time does not account for the time it takes to send an application between a visa application centre and our office, as well as the time you need to give your biometrics.

Canada Visa Processing Time From India

Notably, Canada’s Temporary Resident Visa also known as the Visitor Visa is required for foreign nationals to stay in Canada for a short period of time, usually 6 months or less for various purposes of staying such as tourism, business, and family visits, and so on.


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Canadian Embassy To Reduce Wait Time

After taking note of this, Canada’s High Commission in India assured on Thursday that it is working to improve the situation since it understands their “frustration and disappointment.”

The Canadian Embassy stated in a series of tweets that it would make every effort to reduce the wait time because thousands of Indian students were receiving visas every week.

“Visa applicants – We know that a large number of you have experienced significant wait times with your applications. We understand many have not received visa decisions and have had to adjust travel plans, despite having applied several weeks or months in advance,” the Canada Embassy said in a Tweet.


We understand your frustration and disappointment and want to assure you that we are working to improve the situation. In fact, we have been processing applications through out the year, including study permits for the September 2022 intake.

Many thousands of students in India are receiving their visas each week. We will continue to make every effort to reduce wait times against an unprecedented volume of applications received.

The current processing time for study permit applications globally (including Student Direct Stream) is 12 weeks. While processing times in India have been higher in 2022, we are making every effort to reduce wait times in our services globally.


We urge students who are still waiting the outcome of their visa applications at this stage to contact their Designated Learning Institution in Canada to discuss options should they be unable to arrive in time for the start of classes.

said, Canada Embassy in a series of tweets.

The Canada Embassy also asked students who are still waiting for the outcome of their visa applications to contact their Designated Learning Institution in Canada to discuss their options if they are unable to arrive in time for the start of classes.

The delay has raised concerns among parents and students about whether Indian students will be able to enrol in Canadian colleges in time for the start of the academic year next month.

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