Canada to Revamp Student Visa Program with New Trusted Institution Framework

The Trusted Institution framework will evaluate post-secondary institutions based on specific criteria that demonstrate their reliability as partners in areas including sustainable intake, identification of genuine students, compliance monitoring and reporting, and ensuring a safe and enriching experience for international students.

In an ambitious move set to reshape Canada’s International Student Program (ISP), the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced plans to introduce the Trusted Institution framework to its student visa programme by 2024.

This strategic initiative marks a pivotal step towards the modernization of the ISP, redefining the evaluation criteria for post-secondary institutions participating in the program.

Elevating Reliability: The Trusted Institution Framework

The impending Trusted Institution framework, a central facet of the IRCC’s ISP overhaul, seeks to revolutionize the way post-secondary institutions are assessed for their eligibility to host international students.

While precise details remain under wraps, insiders suggest that the framework revolves around a meticulous assessment of institutions based on a set of specific criteria.


These criteria encompass sustainable intake practices, the adept identification of authentic students, rigorous compliance monitoring and reporting, as well as the assurance of a secure and enriching experience for international scholars.

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Distinct Designation and Streamlined Processing

Institutions that successfully meet the stringent criteria will earn the coveted designation of “Trusted Institutions.” While the full implications of this distinction are yet to be unveiled, the IRCC has hinted at expedited and streamlined processing benefits for applicants affiliated with Trusted Institutions.

This strategic manoeuvre not only enhances the efficiency of the application process but also bolsters the reputation of recognized institutions within the international student community.


A Two-Tiered Framework

The forthcoming Trusted Institution framework introduces a transformative two-tiered structure among Canada’s existing Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs).

Presently, all Canadian institutions accommodating international students must hold the title of a Designated Learning Institution, validated by their respective provincial or territorial governments.

However, with the advent of the Trusted Institution framework, a clear distinction emerges between institutions with the Trusted designation and those without.

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Origins and Rationale

The genesis of the Trusted Institution framework traces back to a pivotal briefing conducted by the IRCC in June 2023.

Addressing select peak bodies and stakeholders, this unveiling followed a comprehensive review of the International Student Program (ISP) as part of the broader Strategic Immigration Review.

The examination revealed pertinent concerns, including the vulnerability of international students, an exponential surge in application volumes, and the pressing need for enhanced diversity within the international student cohort.


As Canada paves the way for an innovative and responsive approach to international education, the forthcoming Trusted Institution framework stands as a testament to the nation’s commitment to fostering a secure, diverse, and enriching academic environment for students from around the globe.


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