Canada: New Policy Eliminates Police Clearance for Temporary Visas

Great news for international students and temporary workers aiming to enter Canada! The Canadian government has eliminated the requirement for police clearance certificates for most temporary resident visa applications. This simplifies the application process and reduces a hurdle for aspiring residents.

International students and temporary workers rejoice! The Canadian government has announced a significant change in its immigration procedures, eliminating the need for police clearance certificates for most temporary resident visa applications.

This update streamlines the application process and eliminates a potentially time-consuming hurdle for aspiring residents.

Biometric Verification Takes Center Stage

Previously, police clearance certificates from applicants’ home countries were part of the standard security screening process. However, Immigration Minister Marc Miller clarified that Canada now prioritizes biometric verification, such as fingerprint scans, for security checks.

These fingerprints are cross-checked against international law enforcement databases, providing a more reliable and efficient method of screening.


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Conditional Requests for Police Clearance

While the new guideline generally eliminates the need for police certificates, there may be exceptions. Miller noted that these documents could still be requested on a case-by-case basis if an officer deems additional scrutiny necessary.

“They may be required if an officer decides to do so as part of a cascading security screening,” he explained.

Minister Questions Effectiveness of Police Certificates

Minister Miller further downplayed the effectiveness of police certificates from applicants’ home countries. He highlighted potential unreliability in these documents, suggesting that biometric verification offers a more robust security measure.


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Clarification Amidst Scrutiny

This policy change comes amidst ongoing discussions about security checks for temporary residents, particularly international students. Recent criminal cases involving temporary residents prompted scrutiny of Canada’s immigration procedures.

The government faced criticism for its handling of security checks, especially following the arrest of individuals linked to a high-profile murder case who had entered Canada on student visas.

Implications for Students and Workers

This development is expected to be beneficial for international students and temporary workers, easing their application processes and potentially accelerating their entry into Canada. By removing the bureaucratic hurdle of obtaining police certificates, Canada aims to attract more international talent and strengthen its position as a preferred destination for study and work.


With these changes, Canada reaffirms its commitment to maintaining robust security measures while facilitating a smoother entry process for temporary residents.

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