Canada Govt Agreed On Covid-19 Vaccination Passport For Domestic, International Travel


The federal government of Canada and the 10 provinces have finally agreed on a standard COVID-19 electronic vaccination passport for domestic and international travel.

The deal prevents possible confusion that could be caused if each of the provinces – which have primary responsibility for health care – issued their own unique certificates. The officials spoke on the condition they not be identified.

“Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled a standardized COVID-19 proof-of-vaccination passport to be issued by provinces and territories that will allow citizens easier domestic and foreign travel,” said Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau

The document will have a federal Canadian identifying mark and meet major international smart health card standards.


“Many (countries) have said they want to see a digital … verifiable proof of vaccination, which is what we’re delivering,” said one official.

In addition, federal officials are talking to nations that are popular with Canadian travelers to brief them about the document.

The Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced earlier this month that from Oct 30, people wishing to travel domestically by plane, train, or ship would have to show proof of full vaccination.

(Source: Reuters)


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