Bird Flu Fear: IndiGo And Vistara Removes All Non-Veg Foods From Their Menu


Airlines, including IndiGo and Vistara, have gone all vegetarian because of the fear of the bird flu.

Yes, the bird flu not only affected the menus on the ground, but also forced a change in the options in the air journey.

“As the cases had increased in Delhi, the state government had asked restaurants to avoid chicken and egg preparations. While this was just within the municipal areas, and thus is not applicable to the airlines, Vistara has taken a call to remove chicken and egg preparations, and replace them with vegetarian options,” a senior executive said.

What Will Be Affected

  • So now as of the result, the chicken tikka sandwich goes missing from IndiGo’s 6E Tiffin menu.
  • And also, there won’t be any keema with kulcha.
  • One will have to suffice with poha, upma, or the veg sandwiches.

Vistara airline has also the same story. The airline is now forced to give up its non-veg dishes and restrict its menu to vegetarian options.


While the change will already be visible to passengers from Delhi, the new menus will take into account flights from Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Pune starting January 16.

An executive from the industry said that the food is absolutely safe as long as it is well cooked. But the airlines will not be careless as the time is already bad due to COVID-19.

The bird flu has been now reported in over 10 states across the country. Over 11,000 birds have been reported to be culled in Maharashtra.

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