Bengaluru Airport To City Centre In 10 Minutes! Virgin Hyperloop To Do Feasibility Study


Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL) and Virgin Hyperloop on Sunday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to conduct a feasibility study for a proposed hyperloop corridor from Kempegowda International Airport to Bengaluru city.

Moreover, it is perhaps first-of-its-kind Memorandum signed by any government body.

The MoU was signed virtually between Sultan bin Sulayem, Chairman of Virgin Hyperloop and DP World, and T.M. Vijay Bhaskar, Chief Secretary of Karnataka and Chairman of the Board of Directors at BIAL in the presence of Kapil Mohan, Principal Secretary, Infrastructure Development Department.

Meanwhile, Bengaluru Airport announced that it will be connected to the S-Bahn in a few weeks and to the subway in four years.


We are thrilled to announce a trailblazing #partnership with @virginhyperloop which will delve into the feasibility of a mode of mass transit to enable #travel from #BLRairport to the city centre in 10 minutes“, tweeted the airport.

The connectivity could reduce the travel time between the airport and the city center to 10 minutes, according to a statement released by Virgin Hyperloop.

“The pre-feasibility study, which focuses on technical, economic and route feasibility, is expected to be completed in two phases of six months each. With a speed of up to 1,080 kmph, the hyperloop could transport thousands of passengers per hour from Bengaluru Airport to the city center in under 10 minutes, according to the preliminary analysis,” the statement read.


Virgin Hyperloop said travelers could optimize their multimodal travel with seamless check-in and security for both their Hyperloop and air travel in centrally located Hyperloop portals.

We feel honored to partner with BIAL to explore ways in which the hyperloop can become a part of the solution to tackle congestion and support economic growth in Bengaluru. Beyond just the transit of passengers, airports are crucial conduit for goods, especially time-sensitive deliveries. A hyperloop-connected airport would dramatically improve the delivery of cargo and create an ultra-efficient supply chain,” Sultan bin Sulayem said.

“The Hyperloop mode of transport offers enormous economic potential and connects passengers with unprecedented speed and zero emissions,” said Dr. Hari Marar and CEO of BIAL.

Hyperloop envisions capsules or capsules that move at high speed through low pressure pipes erected on pillars or tunnelled underground.


The system is completely autonomous and sealed, so there is little room for driver-related errors. In a sealed environment with almost no drag, the pods are expected to reach very high speeds.

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