Belavia Announces Direct Flights Between Minsk and Delhi Starting Aug 11

Belarusian Airline Belavia is set to launch direct flights between Minsk and Delhi, beginning on August 11. The airline will initially offer one weekly flight, with plans to add an additional flight from September 20.

Belarusian Airline Belavia has announced the launch of direct flights connecting Minsk and Delhi, set to commence on August 11.

The airline plans to offer a weekly flight frequency initially, with additional flights added from September 20, according to an official release by the Belarusian Embassy in India.

Flight Schedule and Details

The flight program will kick off with one weekly flight departing from Minsk on Fridays and from Delhi on Saturdays. The departure time from Minsk is scheduled for 20:25, with an estimated arrival time in Delhi at 05:35, resulting in a travel time of 6 hours and 40 minutes.

For the return journey, the flight from Delhi is scheduled for 06:55, reaching Minsk at 11:40, with a travel time of 7 hours and 15 minutes. It is essential to note that all times are local, and there is a time shift of 2.5 hours between Minsk and Delhi.


Ticket Information

The one-way ticket prices will begin at Euro 319, while round-trip tickets will be available starting from Euro 569, falling under the “SMART fare” category. Passengers can conveniently book their tickets through Belavia’s official website, mobile application, ticket sales offices, or authorized agents.

Belavia’s Director General Shares Excitement

Igor Cherginets, the Director General of Belavia, expressed enthusiasm about the long-awaited opening of this flight route. He mentioned that the airline’s specialists have dedicated significant effort to fulfilling the wishes of travellers.

Cherginets emphasized that this route to Delhi is one of the most captivating additions to the airline’s network. By eliminating layovers, the airline aims to cater to passengers who have long dreamed of experiencing the richness of Indian culture without enduring a lengthy journey.

Cherginets further added, “Now, travelling to India is as simple as buying a single ticket, bringing a good mood, and boarding the plane. We promise to take you on a journey filled with new emotions. Additionally, we hope that the introduction of flights between Minsk and Delhi will foster stronger cooperation between Belarus and India,” as per a release issued by the Belarusian Airline Belavia.


Visa Requirements

For Belarusian citizens planning to travel to India, a visa is mandatory. Fortunately, the process has been streamlined through the option of obtaining an electronic visa online, available for 30 days, one year, or five years.

To learn more about the visa application process and the necessary documents, individuals can visit the Embassy of India on Minsk’s official website.

With the commencement of direct flights between Minsk and Delhi, Belavia opens up new opportunities for travellers seeking seamless connectivity between the two countries and looks forward to fostering stronger ties between Belarus and India.

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