Bangkok Airport Adds QR Code To Find Hotel Desk On Arrival


Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) has advised all travellers arriving in Thailand to download a QR code, which was created and will be available on April 14. The airport’s management claims that the new QR code will help them find the booth of their booked accommodation.

This comes after numerous complaints, uncertainty, and congestion in the arrival area, as well as furious tourists looking for their hotel’s name after exiting the baggage pickup area, Bangkok International Airport devised a QR code to assist in resolving the issue.

In other words, they’ve added a new layer of possible complication to the already complex process of re-entering Thailand.

The airport worked with Thailand’s Tourism Authority, hotels, and travel companies to develop the QR code. The airport’s general manager, Kittipong Kittikachorn, stated that the QR code will direct passengers to the appropriate desk.


Earlier, Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport had only 8 booths serving about 400 hotels. Due to high demand, 9 additional booths have been added.

Since November 2021, travellers entering Thailand, including Thai citizens, have had to navigate the significantly revised Thailand Pass. Travellers must now upload vaccination documents, pre-booked accommodation for one night, and a pre-booked PCR test.

Following CCSA suggestions, the on-arrival test may be phased out beginning May 1. However, the CCSA has stated that they would wait to see what happens in the Covid cases until April 22, when a decision on the future of the Thailand Pass will be made.

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  1. So how does one get the code? Seems more confusing than just showing staff the hotel booking???

    • The QR code has been installed at the airport; simply scan the code to locate the relevant hotel desk.

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