Avoid the Wait: Top International Destinations for Quicker US Visa Appointments

US visa applicants from India have had some relief as wait times have recently been reduced by around 50%. However, the wait time for visa appointments for B1 and B2 visas, which are for temporary business and tourism purposes in the US respectively, still remains long.

As you may be aware, the US Embassy makes every effort to reduce visa wait times in India and wait times for US visa applicants from India have recently been reduced by approximately 50%. However, the wait for visa appointments for B1 and B2 visas, which are for temporary business and tourism in the United States, respectively, continues to be lengthy.

Mumbai currently has the longest wait time (386 days), followed by Kolkata (392 days), Chennai (316 days), Hyderabad (332 days), and New Delhi (346 days).

U.S. EmbassyVisitor VisaStudent/Exchange Visitor Visas
New Delhi346 Calendar Days01 Calendar Days
Mumbai386 Calendar Days02 Calendar Days
Chennai 316 Calendar Days01 Calendar Days
Hyderabad332 Calendar Days16 Calendar Days
Kolkata392 Calendar Days02 Calendar Days

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Applying for US Visas Outside of India

Thankfully, Indian nationals have another option for applying for B1/B2 visas. They can apply at international destinations as well. The wait times at these international locations are much shorter than the wait times in India.


Short Wait Times in Select Countries

In Kuwait, the wait time for a US visa is only two days, while Tokyo, Japan, and Seoul, Korea, both have a wait time of only two days as well. In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the wait time is nine days, and in Jakarta, Indonesia, it is 14 days. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has a wait time of 18 days, and Hong Kong, Hanoi in Vietnam, and Frankfurt, Germany all have a wait time of 30 days or less.

Moderate Wait Times in Asian Destinations

If you’re looking for a slightly longer wait time, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Manama, Bahrain all have a wait time of 35 days or less. While Bangkok, Thailand, and Chiang Mai, Thailand have a wait time of 45 and 50 days respectively.

Longer Wait Times in European and Other International Cities

Helsinki, Finland has a wait time of 64 days, and Singapore has a wait time of 75 days.

On the other hand European countries like London, UK, and Paris, France have wait times of 85 and 141 days respectively. Similarly, Manila, Philippines, and Melbourne, Australia have wait times of 154 and 162 days respectively.


However, there are some international destinations with incredibly long wait times. Abu Dhabi has a wait time of 527 days, and Kathmandu, Nepal has a wait time of 575 days. The longest wait time is in Dubai, which has a wait time of 606 days.

Current US Visa Wait Times Around the World

LocationWait Time
Kuwait2 days
Tokyo, Japan2 days
Seoul, Korea4 days
Phnom Penh, Cambodia9 days
Jakarta, Indonesia14 days
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia18 days
Hanoi, Vietnam29 days
Baku, Azerbaijan30 days
Hong Kong30 days
Frankfurt, Germany30 days
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam31 days
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia34 days
Colombo, Sri Lanka35 days
Manama, Bahrain35 days
Doha, Qatar38 days
Bangkok, Thailand45 days
Chiang Mai, Thailand50 days
Helsinki, Finland64 days
Singapore75 days
London, UK85 days
Paris, France141 days
Manila, Philippines154 days
Melbourne, Australia162 days
Abu Dhabi527 days
Kathmandu, Nepal575 days
Dubai606 days
Current US Visa Wait Times Around the World

Note: It’s important to note that the current wait times for US visas around the world are subject to change based on workload and staffing. It’s worth noting that Indians who apply for a US visa from another country may be questioned about their reasons for doing so. Be prepared to answer questions about the wait time in your city. Stay up-to-date on the latest information and regulations when it comes to obtaining a US visa.


In conclusion, Indian nationals seeking a visa to the United States have several options. While wait times in India remain lengthy, there are international destinations with significantly shorter wait times. To ensure the most efficient and timely process, it is critical to consider all options before applying for a US visa.

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