Australian State Victoria Changed Quarantine Requirements For International Arrivals


Victoria, the state in southeast Australia has recently changed its quarantine requirements for international travelers entering into the state. These changes reflect the public health response to the COVID-19 Omicron Variant of Concern.

Vaccinated Arrivals

  • If you are vaccinated and this has been certified by the Commonwealth, you are not required to enter hotel quarantine.
  • You must get a COVID-19 test:
    • Within 24 hours of your arrival, and quarantine until you receive a negative result
    • Between day five and seven after your arrival.
  • You can administer a Rapid Antigen test or visit a testing centre for a PCR test.
  • Rapid Antigen tests can be purchased from chemists and supermarkets.
  • See over for information about where to get a PCR test.
  • There are sensitive settings you must avoid until you have received your second negative test. More information is provided below.

If you intend to travel to another part of Australia, you should be aware that other states and territories may restrict entry from Victoria. You should contact the state or territory you intend to travel to and confirm you are permitted to enter.

Where To Get Tested

You may visit a community testing site or private practitioner and have a PCR test. To find a community testing site, operating hours, and wait times, visit: Where to get tested for COVID-19 | Coronavirus Victoria

If you develop even the mildest of symptoms at any time, you must get a PCR test and follow health directions, including isolating until you receive a negative result


Hotel Quarantine

If you are unvaccinated or you are unable to provide acceptable evidence of your vaccination status, you will be directed to a Victorian quarantine hotel for 14 days.

More information about hotel quarantine arrangements is available at: Information for returned overseas travellers | Coronavirus Victoria

Contributing to The Cost of Quarantine

Every person arriving in Victoria from overseas who quarantines in a CQV facility is required to contribute to part of the cost, in line with other Australian states and territories.

Residents in quarantine for less than 14 days will be charged a pro-rata fee based on the
maximum fees.


For more information about fee rates, payment plans, and other related provisions please visit: Hotel quarantine contribution fee | Coronavirus Victoria.

Service Victoria App And Permit

You will need to get an international arrival permit as a condition of your entry into Victoria. You can do this through the Service Victoria app.

You must carry your permit for 14 days after arrival to Victoria. You should also upload your vaccination certificate to the app.

Sensitive Settings

There are Public Health Directions that forbid you from attending certain sensitive settings for
several days after your arrival and may require you to return a negative COVID-19 test
before visiting these places.


These settings include educational facilities, early childhood services, residential aged care
facilities, disability residential services, or hospitals (unless obtaining urgent medical care.)

You can find these Directions at: Information for overseas travellers | Coronavirus Victoria


The Public Health Directions are enforced through spot checks by Victoria Police and use of emergency powers by Authorized Officers to ensure everyone is doing the right thing.

Tests and completing a period of quarantine are requirements for entering Victoria. If you don’t comply, you are committing an offense and could be fined up to $10,904.40.


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