Australia Suspends All Flights From India Till May 15


Amid the Covid-19 outbreak in India, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Tuesday announced that all flights from India to Australia will be temporarily halted till mid-May.

The decision comes after the last week’s decision by National Cabinet to reduce all flights from India by 30 percent.

The suspension also includes all repatriation flights scheduled from India to Australia. It must be noted that Australia had 8 repatriation flights planned from India to repatriate around 9,000 Australians in India wanting to return home.

Source: ABC News

The PM further added that indirect flights through other transit hubs like Doha, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur had been paused by their respective governments.


Scott Morrison also announced that Australia will send 500 ventilators to India, 1 million surgical masks, 500,000 protective masks, as well as surgical masks, goggles, and face shields.

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