Australia Plans To Reopen International Borders In November


The Australian Government is finalizing the plan to safely reopen the international border starting next month. As Australia approaches the 80 percent vaccination rate, the government is preparing to remove the current overseas travel restrictions related to COVID-19.

This will allow fully vaccinated Australians to travel overseas, subject to any other travel advice and destination border restrictions. It will also assist Australians overseas to return to Australia.

The new arrangement will follow the completion of home quarantine trials in New South Wales and South Australia. It’s anticipated that states and territories that are ready to do so will establish seven-day home quarantine for Australian citizens and permanent residents.

This will only be available to those who are fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved for use in Australia or ‘recognized’ by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).


To maximize the number of Australians who can return home, the government is also offering facilitated flights into any state or territory that agrees to commence seven-day home quarantine trials for returning Australians.

Is Covishield Approved By Australia?

The TGA has announced that two additional vaccines Coronavac (Sinovac) and Covishield (AstraZeneca/Serum Institute of India) should be considered as ‘recognized vaccines’ for the purpose of determining incoming international travelers as being appropriately vaccinated. 

The recognition of these vaccines is a major milestone towards more Australians vaccinated overseas getting home sooner. 

When Can Indians Travel To Australia?

While Australia has not yet announced any fixed date to open borders for international travelers, Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated that they would remove travel restrictions when 80% of the population aged 16 and older in Australia were fully vaccinated.


After a travel ban of 18 months, Australia has decided to reopen its international border and lift the travel ban from next November.

However, there they have not shared any specific guidelines for Indian travelers.

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