ATF Prices Increase By 16%; Flight Tickets May Get More Expensive


The price of aviation turbine fuel (ATF) in India has reached a new high after being hiked by 16.3 per cent on Thursday, the price of ATF in Delhi has now reached an all-time high of 1.41 lakh per kilo litre (kl, or 1,000 litres).

Furthermore, when ATF prices are combined with a weakened rupee, the operational costs for Covid-ravaged airlines have skyrocketed and in view of this, flight tickets might become much more costly in the near future.

Latest Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) Prices In India

ATF rates vary from state to state and are regulated by local taxation. ATF currently costs ₹1,40,092.74 per liter in Mumbai, ₹1,46,322.23 in Kolkata, and ₹1,46,215.85 in Chennai.

CityATF Prices (per KL)
New Delhi₹1,41,232.87

These ATF rates, according to SpiceJet’s CMD Ajay Singh, are “not sustainable,” and a “minimum 10-15% rise in fares is necessary immediately.”


Ajay Singh said, “ATF prices have increased by more than 120% since June 2021. This massive increase is not sustainable and governments, central and state, need to take urgent action to reduce taxes on ATF. We have in the last few months tried to absorb as much burden of this fuel price rise as we could.”

IndiGo also said that the latest increase in the ATF prices is the 10th straight increase since the start of 2022…. request the government to at least bring ATF under GST so that input tax credit can be availed.”

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