Apple Adds COVID-19 Travel Warning To Maps


Apple has added a small alert to Apple Maps, reminding users of CDC guidance for international travel if they have been to an airport.

As noted by Kyle Seth Gray on Twitter:

Apple Maps now sends you a notification if you’ve recently been to an airport

The tweet seems to have alerted Kyle following a trip to an airport. The linked CDC guidance pertains to people returning from international travel, stating:


There is widespread, ongoing transmission of novel coronavirus worldwide (see Global COVID-19 Pandemic Notice). If you have traveled internationally in the past 14 days, stay home, and monitor your health.

In particular, people are advised to measure their temperature with a thermometer twice a day to check for fever, to stay at home and to avoid contact with others, not to go to work or school, not to use public transport and social Keep away from other people by 2 meters.

Back in April Apple added COVID-19 testing locations to Apple Maps, which said:

It seems that these efforts are starting to take effect from today. Apple Maps app users can now see COVID-19 test locations in the Apple Maps app.


Finding one of these locations is incredibly easy. To do this, open the Apple Maps app and tap on the search bar. In the “Find Nearby” section, which is typically among your most recent searches, “COVID-19 Test” should be your first choice. Tap on it and Apple will show you the closest test locations.

(Source – Tech Suggest)

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Wear Mask. Follow Social Distancing. Stay Safe. Have a safe Travelling!

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