ANA Suspends Many Flights Between India and Tokyo: Details Here


All Nippon Airways (ANA), the largest airline in Japan has announced its revised schedule for Flights from India’s Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai to Tokyo, Japan.

As per a trade circular, the airline has temporarily suspended many flights on the Domestic & International routes amid the reduced passenger demand.

“In light of reduced passenger demand due to the spread of the new-type coronavirus, we have
decided to temporarily suspend flights on the Domestic & International routes
,” said ANA in a trade circular.

Here is the revised schedule of ANA Flights from India to Tokyo and vice-versa;



  • 02 flights will be operating a week starting from 01MAR 2021 till 18APR 2021.
  • NH837 – THU & SUN
  • NH838 – FRI & MON


  • NH829 – 27FEB ,13MAR, 27MAR
  • NH830 – 28FEB ,14MAR, 28MAR


  • All flights cancelled from 01st MAR 2021 – 18th APR 2021

All Nippon Airways has operated flights between Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Tokyo under the Air Travel Bubble established by the Government of India for Japan.

The airline will be allowing a full refund of the tickets bound for travel within the said dates on the un-utilized sector.

On Tuesday Japan has also announced a new policy for travelers. The updated policy bans new arrivals and only citizens and residents with valid statuses are allowed to re-enter the country. The policy may be relaxed before March 7 depending on how the situation evolves.

The ban applies to all new visa applicants, including student and dependent visas, as well as business travelers under a program that was introduced last year allowing for travel between Japan and specific countries. Japan has signed such agreements with 11 countries including South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam, nations where the spread of the virus is relatively under control.


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