All flights cancelled at Srinagar airport due to dense fog


The air traffic was badly affected in the Kashmir Valley on Saturday. Due to dense fog, all flights cancelled at Srinagar airport, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded, officials said.

A total of 27 flights were scheduled for the day including a couple of those for armed personnel, the officials said.


“All the scheduled flights were cancelled due to poor visibility at the Sri Nagar airport,” an official of the Airports Authority of India (AAI) said.

He said the visibility at the airport was around 600 metre only this morning but since there was no improvement in the situation, the air traffic was suspended for the day.


The cancellation of the flights left hundreds of passengers stranded, the officials said.

All the airline has also issued the travel advisory for its passengers who are travelling from or to Sri Nagar.

The city experienced the coldest night of the season so far recording a low of minus 3.6 degrees Celsius, an official of the Meteorological Department here said.

He said the heavy fog affected visibility, causing problems for the people, especially motorists.

The MeT official said the valley is undergoing intense cold conditions as the mercury dipped several notches below the normal for this part of the season.


Source : India Today

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