All Banks To Remain Closed For 7 Days Between 27 March to 04 April; Check Full List


Starting from Saturday this week (27th March 2020) till 4 April 2021, all private and govt sector banks will remain closed for 7 days and banking services will be available for only two days.

There will be only 2 working days for banks between 27 March and 4 April. So, if you have any bank-related woks either do it this week or wait till 3 April to get it done.

On account of the fourth Saturday and Holi festival, all banks will be closed for three consecutive days from March 27-29 all over the country.

After the three continues holidays, banks will continue their services for only two days in between, which are March 30 and April 3.


It must be noted that on account of the last day of the financial year, Bank services on 31 March will also remain suspended.

Here is the full list of dates when banks will remain closed/open between 27 March to 04 April.

Bank Holidays

  • 27 March- Last Saturday
  • 29 March- Holi Holiday.
  • 30 March- Holiday in Patna branch. Rest it will be working for all
  • 31 March- Year-end holiday
  • 1 April- Bank closing of accounts
  • 2 April- Good Friday
  • 3 April- Saturday – Working Day
  • 4 April- Sunday28 March- Sunday

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