Airports Across India Gears Up For Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution


All airports across India gears up to play a pivotal role in the distribution of vaccines through state-of-the-art time-and temperature-sensitive distribution system.

As Delhi received its first batch of the Covid-19 vaccine yesterday by national flag carrier Air India, the Mumbai airport (CSMIA) and GMR Hyderabad air cargo are also all set up for Covid-19 vaccine arrival.

The Mumbai airport facilitates per month cold storage capacity of 30,000 tons, a dedicated Covid-19 task force and a transportation facility.


Officials at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) in Mumbai said all preparations are in order for the Covid-19 vaccine to arrive. There will be a special Covid-19 task force to facilitate the whole operation.

The special task force will expand all efforts to optimize temperature management, reduce dwell time with prior special approvals from regulatory agencies, and reduce processing time to ensure an uninterrupted cold chain for the vaccine movement from the manufacturing facility to the final distributor.

The airport authorities will also work towards providing green channel facility with dedicated truck docks, X-Ray machine and ULD Buildup workstation, as well as deploying Key Account Managers for continuous monitoring of Vaccine operations.

The Covid-19 vaccine is one of the most highly anticipated products across the globe and the air cargo industry is already anticipating a massive upswing in air freight demand keeping in mind the urgency of the situation“, said the Mumbai Airport.


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