DGCA Asked Airlines to Put People On ‘No Fly List’ For Not Wearing Masks


The Directorate General of Civil Aviation on Friday asked airline to put people on a no-fly list who are not wearing masks during flight and violate the set COVID-19 pandemic standard operating procedure (SOP).

“If passengers are not wearing masks during the flight and violate the set COVID-19 guidelines, then put them on the No-fly list after an airline assessment.” DGCA Said in the SPOs

Further, the DGCA gave a clarification on using face masks on board.

“Regarding facemask during air travel. All passengers can remove facemask only for genuine or legitimate reasons, like drinking water and having food. If the cabin crew or flight commander finds that an air passenger does not intentionally wear a face mask and poses a threat to other passengers, such `reckless` air passengers will be put on the no-fly list,”

DGCA official said

The DGCA also changed the standard operating procedure (SOP) for domestic and international flights and allowed Indian airlines to serve meals on board.

Airlines can now serve pre-packed meals, snacks, and beverages on domestic flights. While, In the case of international flights, airlines can also serve hot meals with limited beverages as per the standard practices.

The new SOPs also permitted airline to offer in-flight entertainment on both domestic and international flights as per the existing regulations.

The DGCA SOPs also stated that all the electronic devices which are not “intentional transmitter” of radio signals such as portable voice records, electronic entertainment devices, and electric shavers will not be used by any person on board the flight during taxi, take-off, climb out, descent, final approach and landing phases of flight.


On 25th May 2020, the Indian Government has allow to resume flight services partially with restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19 after almost three months of lockdown.

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