AirAsia India to Operate Air India’s Three Domestic Destinations

Air India has announced a major change in its domestic route network, with budget carrier AirAsia India now operating three of its destinations. Air India will also increase frequencies on several popular routes for a more efficient travel experience.

Air India, the full-service airline, recently announced a major change in its domestic route network. As part of the airline’s route network rationalisation plan, three of its domestic destinations will now be operated by budget carrier AirAsia India (AIX Connect).

This move comes after AirAsia India became a fully-owned subsidiary of Tata Group last November and the group’s announced merger with Air India subsidiary Air India Express.

Affected Destinations and Flight Frequency

Under the current phase of the plan, three stations – Bhubaneswar, Bagdogra, and Surat – will now be served by AirAsia India, instead of Air India. The flight frequency remains the same, and passengers can expect seamless travel experiences.

On the other hand, flight services on Delhi-Visakhapatnam and Mumbai-Lucknow routes will continue to be operated exclusively by Air India.


The airline has also announced that it will enhance connections from Delhi and/or Mumbai to Cochin, Trivandrum, Visakhapatnam, and Nagpur to enable two-way domestic-international connectivity with long-haul international flights operating from the two metros.

Increased Flight Frequencies

Air India has also announced that it will increase frequencies between several popular routes, starting from February 13, 2023. The enhanced frequencies will apply to the following routes:

  • Delhi and Chennai
  • Hyderabad and Bengaluru
  • Mumbai and Chennai
  • Kolkata and Bengaluru


The recent changes in Air India’s domestic route network aim to improve the airline’s overall efficiency and provide passengers with more convenient travel options.

With AirAsia India operating three domestic destinations and Air India increasing frequencies on several popular routes, passengers can expect a more seamless and efficient travel experience.


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