Air India Warns Travel Agents Against Over-charging On VBM Flight


Air India on Tuesday in a trad circular warns travel agents against overcharging for its Vande Bharat Mission (VBM) flight sale.

Recently, Air India and it’s subsidiary Air India express has open the Vande Bharat Mission flight booking for travel agents and other OTA after receiving too many complaints and issues from passengers who are facing trouble while buying VBM flights from AI Website.

Now, Air India asks passengers to check fares on and not overpay for Vande Bharat Mission flights.

Air India warns travel agents against overcharges on VBM flight sale and said that if any agents found over-charging, they will lose their authority to sell Air India tickets.


The circular circular titled “sale done by travel agents for VBM flights” stated:

“Over the past few days, AI has received many complaints through social media and other channels about fares being overcharged by certain travel agents from distressed passengers.

Needless to say, being the flag carrier of the country, AI takes such matters seriously… causing inconvenience to passengers is of great concern to us.


Keeping the above into consideration, Air India shall be publishing the fares under VBM on its website,”

“Further, agents are advised not to resort to such malpractice of overcharging fares / manipulating the price on Air India tickets. AI will investigate all complaints received against travel agents and in case a complaint is found to be true on scrutiny, AI will immediately terminate the ticketing authority of the erring agent. Travel agents shall also be responsible for tickets sold by their sub-agents,” circular added

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