Air India Unveils Transformation Plan, Aims For 30% Domestic Market Share In 5 Years


Air India on Thursday unveiled its comprehensive transformation plan. With a focus on five key pillars – exceptional customer experience, robust operations, best-in-industry talent, industry leadership, and commercial efficiency.

The plan is fittingly titled “Vihaan.AI”, which in Sanskrit signifies the dawn of a new era, with identified objectives for Air India over the next 5 years.

As part of its transformation plan, Vihaan.AI, the airline has put into place a detailed roadmap with clear milestones focusing on dramatically growing both its network and fleet, developing a completely revamped customer proposition, improving reliability and on-time performance, and taking a leadership position in technology, sustainability, and innovation, while aggressively investing behind the best industry talent.

Over the next 5 years, Air India will strive to increase its market share to at least 30% in the domestic market while significantly growing the international routes from the present market share. The plan is aimed at putting Air India on a path to sustained growth, profitability and market leadership.

  • Starting a five-year roadmap http://Vihaan.AI or Sanskrit for the dawn of a new era
  • Immediate focus on fixing basics (Taxiing Phase) and then becoming a global leader (Take Off & Climb)
  • Will strive for at least 30% domestic (8% now), and a bigger international pie.

Mr Campbell Wilson, Air India’s CEO, and senior management members who are driving this transformation unveiled the Vihaan.AI plan to the entire organization through Workplace, its virtual communication and engagement platform. The management team will engage employees from various regions, departments, and locations in a series of physical and hybrid sessions in the coming days and weeks.

Vihaan.AI has been developed after extensive feedback from Air India employees on their
aspirations and hopes for the airline’s growth. Vihaan.AI focuses on five key pillars, exceptional customer experience, robust operations, industry-best talent, industry leadership, and commercial efficiency and profitability.

While the immediate focus of the airline remains on fixing the basics and readying itself for growth (Taxiing Phase), the more medium-to-long term focus will be on building for excellence and establishing scale to become a global industry leader (Take Off & Climb phases).

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