Air India to Start ‘Flights to Nowhere’ For Passionate Flyers


Air India is planning to start its own “flights to nowhere” service for passionate tourists who just want to get out of their homes and fly on the high sky.

The ‘flights to nowhere’ will take off and land at the same airport, giving passengers a scenic view of major sights in India, as per a report.

Recently, other global airlines like Qantas Airways and Royal Brunei Airlines have provided the same flights to please their passengers who are just curious to enjoy a beautiful view.

Qantas Airways has successfully marketed its “Flights to Nowhere” service, which is priced between 42,000 and 2 lakh. The Qantas deal was a hit given the airline’s claim that the tickets sold within 10 minutes. If that works in India it will be a huge relief to Air India and other private airlines.


“Yes, we are exploring the possibility of starting a scenic flight service. Other details are to be decided,” the report quoted an Air India spokesperson as saying.

A Boeing 747 aircraft can fly up to 500-1000 feet at an air speed of around 250 knots, which is roughly 460 km/ h. Flying at such a low altitude, however, would require an air traffic control safety permit, depending on the region they intend to fly.

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