Air India To Process Refunds In 21 Days; Follow These Steps To Get Fast Refund


The Supreme Court of India had ordered the Ministry of Civil Aviation to clear all the credit shells and refund the passengers after the deadline of March 31.

The MoCA on Wednesday also expressed dissatisfaction over airline companies defaulting on refunds to passengers.

As per the official of MoCA, till now only GoAir and IndiGo have submitted their undertaking to the ministry that they have refund all the credit shells to the passenger.

It is important to mention that the national carrier Air India is also yet to refund total credit shells to the passengers. As per sources said Air India has to clear credit shells to around five lakh twenty-five thousand passengers which amount to around ₹2000 Crore.


Air India Refunds

To clear the pending refund and credit shells the airline on Twitter shared a new process to claim a refund from the airline’s website.

“Passengers may kindly note that tickets issued through Air India Website with a booking of present or future travel date can be claimed for a refund on our website by clicking Air India Manage Booking,” Air India said in a series of tweets.

The airline further asked its passengers to leave details on Feedback – Air India for refunds of tickets booked through Air India Website/Mobile app, without a live booking.


“It is our endeavour to process refunds within 21 working days,” Air India Added.

Refund of Travel Agent’s Bookings

Air India has also shared updates on booking make made through travel agents. The airline said that it has advised all travel agents to process the refund and remit the amount to passengers at the earliest.

“The process of refund of tickets issued by travel agents is open. The travel agents have been advised to expedite the refund of tickets up to lock-down period on priority and remit the amount to passengers at the earliest.”


“Air India is committed to processing its pending refund claims expeditiously. Dissemination of information regarding refunds is already initiated. Air India has cleared close to Rs 1000 Crore from 1st April 2020 till date in India. We are also addressing queries related to refunds from passengers through our social media platforms.” Air India Spokesperson said.

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