Air India To Operate Eight Evacuation Flights Between India and Australia


Flag carrier Air India on Saturday in a tweet said that the airline will operate eight evacuation flights between India and Australia under Vande Bharat Mission from 1st July to 14th July.

Air India will operate four flights each from Sydney and Melbourne to Delhi. Bookings for the same will be open on Air India website on 28th June from 1200hrs IST.


On June 20, Air India said that it will add more flights in phase 3 of Vande Bharat Mission and the airline has also extend the phase 3 till 15th July.


Air India Flight Schedule To Australia

DateFlightFromDep. TimeToArr. Time
01-Jul-20Al 1302DELHI13:55SYDNEY07:20
03-Jul-20Al 0302DELHI13:55SYDNEY07:20
04-Jul-20Al 0302DELHI13:55SYDNEY07:20
04-Jul-20Al 1324DELHI13:55MELBOURNE07:00
05-Jul-20Al 1302DELHI13:55SYDNEY07:20
07-Jul-20Al 1324DELHI13:55MELBOURNE07:00
10-Jul-20Al 0308DELHI13:55MELBOURNE07:00
13-Jul-20Al 1324DELHI13:55MELBOURNE07:00

Air India Flight Schedule From Australia

DateFlightFromDep. TimeToArr. Time
03-Jul-20Al 0301SYDNEY09:15DELHI17:25
04-Jul-20Al 0301SYDNEY09:15DELHI17:25
05-Jul-20Al 0301SYDNEY09:15DELHI17:25
6-Ju1-20Al 1301SYDNEY09:15DELHI17:25
06-Jul-20Al 0309MELBOURNE09:45DELHI17:40
8-Jul-20Al 1325MELBOURNE09:45DELHI17:40
11-Jul-20Al 0309MELBOURNE09:45DELHI17:40
14-Jul-20Al 1325MELBOURNE09:45DELHI17:40

As per the schedule all the flights will only operate from Delhi so if any one from other city who want to travel can book a a connecting flight to Delhi.

The Vande Bharat Mission, which commenced from May 7, is in its third phase, which began on June 11.

According to the latest data released by the ministry of civil aviation, Air India group has operated a total of 1,414 flights (both inbound and outbound) carrying a total of 182,313 passengers till June 24, 2020.

The ministry has also said that a total of 4,87,303 repatriation requests were received from Indians citizens stranded in various countries of which 2,63,187 have been brought back.


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