Air India Reveals London Flights Schedule Till March 2021


Flag-carrier Air India on Saturday announced the new flight schedule between India and London, UK from 01st Jan to 27th March 2021 under the Air Bubble Arrangements.

Last month the airline said that it will operate additional flights between India & UK from 25th Oct to 31st Dec, ’20. Flights will operate from Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Kochi & Goa.

Now, As per the update posted by Air India, it will operate flights from India’s Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Amritsar, Kolkata, Kochi & Goa to London & back from 01st Jan to 27th March 2021

India has created an air travel arrangement with the United Kingdom. Indian and UK carriers are now permitted to operate services between India and the UK.

Here is the full schedule of Air India Flights between India and London, UK till March 2021, under the air bubble agreement.

Air India Flights Schedule From India To London

Flight No.Start DateEnd DateFreqDepartureDep. TimeArrivalArr. Time
AI 11104-01-2125-03-21Mon ThuDelhi14:20London18:30
AI 13102-01-2127-03-21Tue Wed Thu Sat SunMumbai07:00London11:30
AI 16101-01-2126-03-21Mon Wed Fri SunDelhi02:30London06:35
AI 16102-01-2127-03-21SatDelhi02:35London06:40
AI 17101-01-2126-03-21FriAhmedabad10:50London14:55
AI 17707-01-2125-03-21ThuBengaluru06:05London11:35
AI 117704-01-2122-03-21MonBengaluru06:05London11:35
AI 118501-01-2126-03-21FriKochi13:30London18:20
AI 118503-01-2121-03-21SunKochi14:05London18:55
AI 118506-01-2124-03-21WedKochi13:40London18:30
AI 118905-01-2123-03-21TueAmritsar12:25London15:55
AI 114903-01-2121-03-21SunKolkata06:40London11:55
AI 114907-01-2125-03-21ThuKolkata07:20London12:35
AI 117105-01-2123-03-21TueAhmedabad14:25London18:30
AI 119302-01-2127-03-21Mon SatGoa01:35London06:35

As per the Air Bubble Agreement following categories of persons are allowed on such flights:

From India to UK

  • Stranded UK nationals/residents, foreign nationals transiting through UK or spouses of these persons, whether accompanying or otherwise;
  • Any Indian national holding any type of valid UK visa and destined for the UK only. It would be for the airlines concerned to ensure that there is no travel restriction for Indian nationals to enter the UK with the particular visa category before the issue of ticket/ boarding pass to the Indian passenger; and
  • Seamen of foreign nationalities; Seamen holding Indian passports would be allowed subject to clearance from the Ministry of Shipping

Air India Flights Schedule From London To India

Flight No.Start DateEnd DateFreqDepartureDep. TimeArrivalArr. Time
AI 11201-01-2126-03-21Thu FriLondon18:30Delhi08:20
AI 11203-01-2121-03-21SunLondon21:30Delhi11:20
AI 11205-01-2123-03-21TueLondon18:05Delhi07:55
AI 11206-01-2124-03-21WedLondon20:30Delhi10:20
AI 13003-01-2121-03-21SunLondon15:45Mumbai06:15
AI 13007-01-2125-03-21ThuLondon15:30Mumbai06:00
AI 13004-01-2122-03-21MonLondon13:00Mumbai04:00
AI 112801-01-2126-03-21FriLondon20:30Mumbai11:00
AI 16202-01-2127-03-21Mon SatLondon08:45Delhi22:25
AI 117803-01-2121-03-21SunLondon13:00Bengaluru04:15
AI 17806-01-2124-03-21WedLondon11:30Bengaluru02:45
AI 115002-01-2127-03-21SatLondon13:05Kolkata04:10
AI 115006-01-2124-03-21WedLondon13:30Kolkata04:35
AI 118602-01-2127-03-21SatLondon11:00Kochi02:40
AI 118605-01-2123-03-21TueLondon13:15Kochi04:55
AI 118607-01-2125-03-21ThuLondon13:25Kochi05:05
AI 119004-01-2122-03-21MonLondon10:45Amritsar00:15
AI 12805-01-2123-03-21TueLondon20:30Mumbai11:00
AI 117204-01-2122-03-21MonLondon20:30Ahmedabad10:10
AI 17207-01-2125-03-21ThuLondon20:30Ahmedabad10:10
AI 119201-01-2126-03-21Fri SunLondon08:45Goa23:35

The following categories of persons are allowed to travel from UK to India under the air bubble arrangements.


From UK to India

  • Stranded Indian nationals;
  • All Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cardholders holding UK passports; and
  • Foreigners (including diplomats), who are eligible to enter India as per the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) guidelines dated 30.06.2020 as amended from time to time.

Air India has also opened the bookings for these additional flights, bookings can be done through the Air India Website, Booking Offices, and Authorized Travel Agents.

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