Air India Opens Flight Booking For Saudi Arabia: Check Flight Schedule, Guidelines


Indian national carrier Air India on Monday announced that it has open the bookings for flights from India to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) under the Vande Bharat Mission.

The announcement comes after Saudi Arabia announced that it will allow direct entry of fully vaccinated expatriates from countries facing travel ban (Red List Countries).

It’s worth mentioning that currently India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Lebanon are facing a travel ban by Saudi Arabia.

As per the schedule shared by the airline, it will operate flights from India’s Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Trivandrum, Lucknow which connect Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam in Saudi Arabia.


Vande Bharat Mission | India – Saudi Arabia Flight Schedule

Flight No.DepartureDep. TimeArrivalArr. TimeFreq.Start DateEnd Date
AI 1985 Hyderabad 08:10Riyadh 10:10Mon 01-Sep-2125-Oct-21
AI 1986 Riyadh 11:10Hyderabad 18:15Mon 01-Sep-2125-Oct-21
AI 1925 Delhi 07:40Riyadh 10:10Sat 01-Sep-2130-Oct-21
AI 1926 Riyadh 11:10Delhi 18:05Sat 01-Sep-2130-Oct-21
AI 1921 Mumbai 06:00Riyadh 07:40Tue 01-Sep-2126-Oct-21
AI 1922 Riyadh 08:30Mumbai 15:00Tue 01-Sep-2126-Oct-21
AI 1925 Delhi 07:40Riyadh 10:10Wed 01-Sep-2127-Oct-21
AI 1926 Riyadh 11:10Lucknow 18:20Wed 01-Sep-2127-Oct-21
AI 1926 Lucknow 19:05Delhi 19:55Wed 01-Sep-2127-Oct-21
AI 1931 Mumbai 11:00Jeddah 13:20Sun 05-Sep-2126-Sep-21
AI 1994 Jeddah 14:20Hyderabad 23:00Sun 05-Sep-2126-Sep-21
AI 1994 Hyderabad 23:30Mumbai 00:50Sun 05-Sep-2126-Sep-21
AI 1917 Mumbai 20:25Dammam 21:40Thu 02-Sep-2128-Oct-21
AI 1916 Dammam 22:50Trivandrum05:40Thu 02-Sep-2128-Oct-21
AI 1916 Trivandrum06:30Mumbai 08:20Fri 03-Sep-2129-Oct-21
AI 1913 Delhi 19:55Dammam 21:40Fri 03-Sep-2129-Oct-21
AI 1910 Dammam 22:50Lucknow 05:40Fri 03-Sep-2129-Oct-21
AI 1910 Lucknow 06:20Delhi 07:20Sat 04-Sep-2130-Oct-21
Air India Vande Bharat Mission | India – Saudi Arabia Flight Schedule | Sep-Oct 2021

Bookings of the above-mentioned flights are opened through Air India Website, Booking Offices, Call centers & Authorized Travel Agents.

Air India also advised its passengers to read the travel guidelines carefully before booking any tickets.

Guidelines For Passengers Traveling to Saudi Arabia

Passenger Category permitted to travel to Saudi Arabia from India:

Resident permit holders (Iqama holders and valid exit re-entry visa) who have received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine inside the Kingdom before their departure from the Kingdom.

Travel compliance for passengers prior to travel to Saudi Arabia:
  • Passengers must confirm through their Tawakalna mobile application(vaccine certificate and health passport) that the passenger has taken two doses of vaccine from Saudi Arabia prior to check-in.
  • RT-PCR negative report taken within 72 hours prior to boarding. This RT PCR report must be from an ICMR accredited laboratory and must have a QR code.
  • Passengers must register the Immunization data on the Muqeem website. Kindly refer to the advisory issued by the relevant government authorities before your travel.

Note: Fully vaccinated passengers are required to carry a valid vaccination certificate for both doses.


Air India also said that “It will be the sole responsibility of the passengers to ensure his/her eligibility to enter the destination country. Air India will accept no liability in this regard.”

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