Air India Offers Free Change On Domestic Flights For Travel Till May 31


Indian national carrier Air India on Thursday announced that it will allow one free Date/Sector/ Flight Change on all domestic flight tickets for the travel period with immediate effect till 31 May 2021.

The decision comes in view of continually changing Covid-19 measures adopted by different state governments to contain the pandemic, the traveling public is faced with many uncertainties.

“In order to facilitate passenger convenience, it has been decided to offer one free change applicable to all tickets for the travel period with immediate effect till 31 May 2021,” said Air India in a circular.

Here are the detailed terms and conditions shared by Air India for availing Free Date/Sector/ Flight Change.

  1. Applicable to all 098 documents issued for the PURE Domestic itinerary.
  2. Offer is NOT applicable for tickets issued on Air India Website and Mobile app (As Free change option already offered)
  3. Travel date – With immediate effect till travel on/before 31 May 2021. It is clarified that the One Free Change is Applicable to all tickets with existing Travel Date on/before 31th May 2021 and passengers can rebook for new dates as per the validity of their existing tickets.
  4. A free change option is offered irrespective of the date of purchase of the ticket.
  5. Passengers availing Free change option have to necessarily follow respective timelines for change as per fare rules. Failure may result in a no-show.
  6. In case of passengers decides to change sector ONLY reissuance charges to be waived once, other charges apply.
  7. Applicable for all classes and also all types of concessionary tickets.
  8. In case of change, the option exercised and the passenger is unable to get the same RBD for the new date, an applicable difference of fare will be charged.
    1. NO DOWNSELLING will be permitted.
    2. In case the same RBD is available but the fare is higher, the passenger will be given the benefit of not paying the additional charges.
    3. In case, same RBD available but tax differential is applicable, the additional difference will have to be collected from the passenger.
  9. Passengers who have already availed of a Free change under any earlier waiver can use this option to additionally avail a change.

Any subsequent change, after availing of this one-time Free change will be governed by respective fare rules.

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