Air India Launches ‘Fare Lock’ Feature for Flexible Travel Planning

Planning your next trip just got easier! Air India's innovative Fare Lock lets you secure your desired flight fare for 48 hours, giving you valuable time to finalize your travel plans without worrying about price fluctuations or seat availability.

In an effort to provide passengers with enhanced travel planning options, Air India, now under the ownership of Tata Group, has launched a new feature called ‘Fare Lock.’

This innovative service allows customers to reserve a selected fare for 48 hours, offering greater flexibility and peace of mind during their travel planning.

Lock in Your Fare with Ease

This innovative feature caters to the needs of busy travellers by offering a buffer period to solidify itineraries without the stress of fluctuating prices or seat availability. For a nominal fee, passengers can lock in their chosen fare for two days, ensuring they secure the price they see at the time of booking.

“Fare Lock empowers our customers to plan their travels with greater ease and flexibility,” said Air India in an official statement. “This eliminates the worry of unexpected price hikes or limited seat options for their preferred flights.”


“Plan now, pay later! With Air India’s Fare Lock, enjoy the convenience of securing your fare for a minimal fee starting at ₹500*/USD 10* and confirming your booking within 48 hours. Available for flights scheduled at least 10 days from the booking date,” said Air India in a Tweet.

Air India Fare Lock

How Fare Lock Works

Using Fare Lock is a breeze. Simply select your desired flight on the Air India website or app, choose the “Fare Lock” option during checkout, and pay the associated fee. This fee varies depending on the route and flight type (domestic, short-haul international, or long-haul international) and is non-refundable.

Within 48 hours of activating Fare Lock, you can return to your booking using the “Manage Booking” function and finalize your purchase at the pre-locked fare. This ensures you pay exactly what you saw initially, without any surprises.

Fare Lock Fees

The fees for the ‘Fare Lock’ feature vary based on the nature of the flight:

Nature of FlightFor Flights Departing IndiaFor Flights Arriving in India
Domestic India FlightsINR 500INR 500
Short-Haul InternationalINR 850USD 10
Long-Haul InternationalINR 1500USD 18

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Benefits of Fare Lock

By allowing passengers to lock in fares, Air India aims to eliminate the stress associated with fluctuating ticket prices. This feature provides an added layer of convenience, ensuring that travellers can secure the best possible rates while planning their journeys.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What’s Fare Lock? Think of Fare Lock as your travel planning safety net! It lets you hold a specific flight fare for 48 hours, giving you time to finalize other trip details without the worry of the price changing.

2. Can I Modify Flights with Fare Lock? Unfortunately, changes to your booking aren’t allowed while Fare Lock is active. However, you have 48 hours to solidify your plans before completing the purchase.


3. What Happens if My Booking Expires? If you don’t finalize your purchase within the 48-hour window, the booking will automatically cancel, and the Fare Lock fee is non-refundable. To avoid this, Air India recommends confirming your booking at least 2 hours before the hold expires.

4. Does Fare Lock Apply to Infants? No, the Fare Lock fee is per passenger (excluding infants under 2 years old) and applies to each ticket booked.

5. Can I Use Fare Lock with Flying Returns Points? Fare Lock is currently unavailable for bookings made solely with Flying Returns points or a combination of points and other payment methods.

6. Is the Fare Lock Fee Refundable? The Fare Lock fee is non-refundable, irrespective of whether you confirm or cancel your booking.


Looking Ahead for Air India

While Air India implements features to enhance the travel experience, the airline recently faced scrutiny from the Aviation Ministry regarding a delayed Delhi-San Francisco flight. The incident involved passengers enduring a lengthy 20-hour delay with limited air conditioning onboard.

Despite this setback, Air India continues to expand its North American network, currently operating 51 weekly flights compared to 33 pre-privatization. The addition of Fare Lock signifies a commitment to passenger experience and a focus on providing travellers with greater control and convenience when booking their next Air India adventure.

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