Air India Express January Flight Schedule For Qatar Under Air Bubble


The Indian low-cost airline, Air India Express on Wednesday announced international flights between India and Qatar under the air bubble agreement starting from 2nd January.

The airline will operate around 84 flights between India and Qatar.

The flight will connect Doha, Qatar to India’s Kannur, Kochi, Kozhikode, Mangaluru, Trichy, Trivandrum, and Vijayawada.

Air India Express January 2021 Evacuation Flight Schedule For Qatar

Air India Express Flights From Qatar to India
DateFlight No.DepartureDep. TimeArrivalArrv. Time
2-Jan-21IX  1676Doha10:10Vijayawada17:10
2-Jan-21IX  1676Vijayawada17:55Trichy19:25
2-Jan-21IX  1774Doha22:50Kannur5:35
3-Jan-21IX  1374Doha10:00Trivandrum16:55
3-Jan-21IX  1374Trivandrum17:40Kozhikode18:40
4-Jan-21IX  1378Doha23:00Kozhikode5:45
4-Jan-21IX  1476Doha10:30Mangaluru17:00
4-Jan-21IX  1476Mangaluru17:45Kochi18:45
5-Jan-21IX  1774Doha10:25Kannur17:10
6-Jan-21IX  1378Doha23:00Kozhikode5:45
7-Jan-21IX  1774Doha10:25Kannur17:10
9-Jan-21IX  1676Doha10:10Vijayawada17:10
9-Jan-21IX  1676Vijayawada17:55Trichy19:25
9-Jan-21IX  1774Doha22:50Kannur5:35
10-Jan-21IX  1374Doha10:00Trivandrum16:55
10-Jan-21IX  1374Trivandrum17:40Kozhikode18:40
11-Jan-21IX  1378Doha23:00Kozhikode5:45
11-Jan-21IX  1476Doha10:30Mangaluru17:00
11-Jan-21IX  1476Mangaluru17:45Kochi18:45
12-Jan-21IX  1774Doha10:25Kannur17:10
13-Jan-21IX  1378Doha23:00Kozhikode5:45
14-Jan-21IX  1774Doha10:25Kannur17:10
16-Jan-21IX  1676Doha10:10Vijayawada17:10
16-Jan-21IX  1676Vijayawada17:55Trichy19:25
16-Jan-21IX  1774Doha22:50Kannur5:35
17-Jan-21IX  1374Doha10:00Trivandrum16:55
17-Jan-21IX  1374Trivandrum17:40Kozhikode18:40
18-Jan-21IX  1378Doha23:00Kozhikode5:45
18-Jan-21IX  1476Doha10:30Mangaluru17:00
18-Jan-21IX  1476Mangaluru17:45Kochi18:45
19-Jan-21IX  1774Doha10:25Kannur17:10
20-Jan-21IX  1378Doha23:00Kozhikode5:45
21-Jan-21IX  1774Doha10:25Kannur17:10
23-Jan-21IX  1676Doha10:10Vijayawada17:10
23-Jan-21IX  1676Vijayawada17:55Trichy19:25
23-Jan-21IX  1774Doha22:50Kannur5:35
24-Jan-21IX  1374Doha10:00Trivandrum16:55
24-Jan-21IX  1374Trivandrum17:40Kozhikode18:40
25-Jan-21IX  1378Doha23:00Kozhikode5:45
25-Jan-21IX  1476Doha10:30Mangaluru17:00
25-Jan-21IX  1476Mangaluru17:45Kochi18:45
26-Jan-21IX  1774Doha10:25Kannur17:10
27-Jan-21IX  1378Doha23:00Kozhikode5:45
28-Jan-21IX  1774Doha10:25Kannur17:10
30-Jan-21IX  1676Doha10:10Vijayawada17:10
30-Jan-21IX  1676Vijayawada17:55Trichy19:25
30-Jan-21IX  1774Doha22:50Kannur5:35
31-Jan-21IX  1374Doha10:00Trivandrum16:55
31-Jan-21IX  1374Trivandrum17:40Kozhikode18:40
Air India Express Flights From India to Qatar
DateFlight No.DepartureDep. TimeArrivalArrv Time
2-Jan-21IX  1675Trichy7:15Doha9:10
2-Jan-21IX  1773Kannur20:10Doha21:50
3-Jan-21IX  1373Kozhikode7:00Doha9:00
4-Jan-21IX  1377Kozhikode20:00Doha22:00
4-Jan-21IX  1475Kochi7:45Doha9:30
5-Jan-21IX  1773Kannur7:45Doha9:25
6-Jan-21IX  1377Kozhikode20:00Doha22:00
7-Jan-21IX  1773Kannur7:45Doha9:25
9-Jan-21IX  1675Trichy7:15Doha9:10
9-Jan-21IX  1773Kannur20:10Doha21:50
10-Jan-21IX  1373Kozhikode7:00Doha9:00
11-Jan-21IX  1377Kozhikode20:00Doha22:00
11-Jan-21IX  1475Kochi7:45Doha9:30
12-Jan-21IX  1773Kannur7:45Doha9:25
13-Jan-21IX  1377Kozhikode20:00Doha22:00
14-Jan-21IX  1773Kannur7:45Doha9:25
16-Jan-21IX  1675Trichy7:15Doha9:10
16-Jan-21IX  1773Kannur20:10Doha21:50
17-Jan-21IX  1373Kozhikode7:00Doha9:00
18-Jan-21IX  1377Kozhikode20:00Doha22:00
18-Jan-21IX  1475Kochi7:45Doha9:30
19-Jan-21IX  1773Kannur7:45Doha9:25
20-Jan-21IX  1377Kozhikode20:00Doha22:00
21-Jan-21IX  1773Kannur7:45Doha9:25
23-Jan-21IX  1675Trichy7:15Doha9:10
23-Jan-21IX  1773Kannur20:10Doha21:50
24-Jan-21IX  1373Kozhikode7:00Doha9:00
25-Jan-21IX  1377Kozhikode20:00Doha22:00
25-Jan-21IX  1475Kochi7:45Doha9:30
26-Jan-21IX  1773Kannur7:45Doha9:25
27-Jan-21IX  1377Kozhikode20:00Doha22:00
28-Jan-21IX  1773Kannur7:45Doha9:25
30-Jan-21IX  1675Trichy7:15Doha9:10
30-Jan-21IX  1773Kannur20:10Doha21:50
31-Jan-21IX  1373Kozhikode7:00Doha9:00

Indian carriers and Qatar Airways are now permitted to operate flights between India and Qatar and carry the following categories of persons on such flights:

A. From India to Qatar:

  1. Qatari nationals;
  2. Any Indian national or national of Nepal or Bhutan destined for Qatar or any country in South America or Africa only and holding a valid visa of the destination country. It would be for the airlines concerned to ensure that there is no travel restriction for Indian/Nepalese/Bhutanese nationals to enter the destination country before the issue of ticket/boarding pass to the Indian/Nepalese/Bhutanese passenger.

B. From Qatar to India:

  1. Indian nationals or nationals of Nepal or Bhutan stranded in Qatar or in any country in South America or Africa;
  2. All Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cardholders and Person of Indian Origin (PIO) cardholders holding passports of any country; and
  3. Qatari nationals and foreign nationals (from any country in South America or Africa only) intending to visit India for any purpose (including their dependents on the appropriate category of dependent visa) except those on Tourist Visa.

Passengers traveling on flights from India to Qatar should be destined for Qatar or any country in South America or Africa only. Similarly, only passengers originating from Qatar or any country in South America or Africa should be allowed to travel on flights from Qatar to India.


Air India Express has also announced its January 2021 flight schedule for Oman under the air bubble arrangement. The airline will operate around 225 flights between India and Oman.

These flights will connect Oman’s Muscat and Salalah to India’s Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kannur, Kochi, Kozhikode, Lucknow, Mangaluru, Mumbai, Trichy, Trivandrum and Vijayawada. You can see the full flight schedule for India and Oman here.

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