Air India Express Flight Schedule For Malaysia For December


Low-cost carrier Air India Express has announced flights between India and Malaysia for the month of December 2020.

As per the schedule published by Air India Express, it will operate 48 flights between India and Malaysia in December 2020 under the Vande Bharat Mission.


The flights will connect Kuala Lumpur to India’s Trichy, Delhi, Kochi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

Here is the full schedule of Air India Express Flights between India And Bahrain.


Air India Express Flight Schedule India to Malaysia for December 2020.

DateFlight No.DepartureDept TimeArrivalArrv Time
02-12-20IX 1624Trichy09:45Kuala Lumpur16:10
02-12-20IX 1122Delhi07:15Kuala Lumpur15:00
03-12-20IX 1422Kochi07:00Kuala Lumpur13:45
03-12-20IX 1622Chennai09:30Kuala Lumpur16:25
04-12-20IX 1922Hyderabad09:15Kuala Lumpur16:00
07-12-20IX 1222Mumbai08:20Kuala Lumpur16:00
09-12-20IX 1624Trichy09:45Kuala Lumpur16:10
09-12-20IX 1122Delhi07:15Kuala Lumpur15:00
10-12-20IX 1622Chennai09:30Kuala Lumpur16:25
14-12-20IX 1624Trichy09:45Kuala Lumpur16:10
16-12-20IX 1624Trichy09:45Kuala Lumpur16:10
16-12-20IX 1122Delhi07:15Kuala Lumpur15:00
17-12-20IX 1422Kochi07:00Kuala Lumpur13:45
17-12-20IX 1622Chennai09:30Kuala Lumpur16:25
18-12-20IX 1922Hyderabad09:15Kuala Lumpur16:00
21-12-20IX 1222Mumbai08:20Kuala Lumpur16:00
23-12-20IX 1624Trichy09:45Kuala Lumpur16:10
23-12-20IX 1122Delhi07:15Kuala Lumpur15:00
28-12-20IX 1624Trichy09:45Kuala Lumpur16:10
30-12-20IX 1624Trichy09:45Kuala Lumpur16:10
30-12-20IX 1122Delhi07:15Kuala Lumpur15:00

Air India Express Flight Schedule Malaysia to India for December 2020

DateFlight No.DepartureDept TimeArrivalArrv Time
02-12-20IX 1625Kuala Lumpur17:10Trichy18:25
02-12-20IX 1121Kuala Lumpur16:00Delhi18:50
03-12-20IX 1421Kuala Lumpur14:45Bengaluru16:30
03-12-20IX 1421Bengaluru17:15Kochi18:15
03-12-20IX 1621Kuala Lumpur17:25Chennai19:20
04-12-20IX 1921Kuala Lumpur17:00Vijayawada18:30
04-12-20IX 1921Vijayawada19:15Hyderabad20:15
07-12-20IX 1221Kuala Lumpur17:00Hyderabad18:45
07-12-20IX 1221Hyderabad19:30Mumbai20:55
09-12-20IX 1625Kuala Lumpur17:10Trichy18:25
09-12-20IX 1121Kuala Lumpur16:00Delhi18:50
10-12-20IX 1621Kuala Lumpur17:25Chennai19:20
14-12-20IX 1625Kuala Lumpur17:10Trichy18:25
16-12-20IX 1625Kuala Lumpur17:10Trichy18:25
16-12-20IX 1121Kuala Lumpur16:00Delhi18:50
17-12-20IX 1421Kuala Lumpur14:45Bengaluru16:30
17-12-20IX 1421Bengaluru17:15Kochi18:15
17-12-20IX 1621Kuala Lumpur17:25Chennai19:20
18-12-20IX 1921Kuala Lumpur17:00Vijayawada18:30
18-12-20IX 1921Vijayawada19:15Hyderabad20:15
21-12-20IX 1221Kuala Lumpur17:00Hyderabad18:45
21-12-20IX 1221Hyderabad19:30Mumbai20:55
23-12-20IX 1625Kuala Lumpur17:10Trichy18:25
23-12-20IX 1121Kuala Lumpur16:00Delhi18:50
28-12-20IX 1625Kuala Lumpur17:10Trichy18:25
30-12-20IX 1625Kuala Lumpur17:10Trichy18:25
30-12-20IX 1121Kuala Lumpur16:00Delhi18:50

Guidelines For Passengers Traveling From Malaysia

  • The ticketing is being done by Oscar Holidays Sdn Bhd which had been nominated by Air India/Air India Express. Its details are as below:
    • Address – Oscar Holidays Sdn Bhd, Unit 01.02, Level 1, Menara Multi-purpose, Capital Square, No 8, Jalan Munshi Abdullah, 50100, KL.
    • Email – [email protected]
    • Tele – +60126220293/+60126226881/+60126220160/+60126221602
  • Passengers will get phone/WhatsApp calls from the above numbers only. It is advised that passengers may kindly check & verify by calling the above numbers and using their Registration Number/ Passport Number before booking a ticket online. Alternatively, listed passengers may buy the tickets from Oscar Holidays Sdn Bhd office at Capital Square.
  • It may please be noted that there will be no ticketing at the airport.
  • Passengers who have purchased their tickets in advance are requested to report at the airport at least 5 hours before the scheduled departure for verification, documentation and to cater for delays in Check-in, Immigration, Security checks, etc.
  • There have been numerous instances wherein, despite confirming to the High Commission, passengers have declined to travel to India at the time of booking. Such passengers are requested to inform the High Commission of their unwillingness well in time. This would allow other distressed passengers to be accommodated on these flights.
  • The Registration numbers of passengers shortlisted for each destination will be available on our website.
  • Indian nationals are advised to follow the guidelines/instructions laid down by Malaysian Immigration with regard to obtaining Special Pass (SP) Check Out Memo (COM), etc, to avoid clearance issues at Airport Immigration.
  • Passengers having Registration numbers up to 9000 can walk-in directly to Oscar Travels for ticketing. They will be issued tickets after verification of their registration number.

Indian nationals requiring emergency assistance may contact the 24×7 Helpline/ WhatsApp (+60183196715 or Email Id

For more details and regular updates, please check the High Commission website or the Twitter handle — IndiainMalaysia @hcikl.


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